Bohemian Fashion: How To Make Your Style Reflect Your Personality

Bohemian Fashion: How To Make Your Style Reflect Your Personality

Bohemian Fashion: How To Make Your Style Reflect Your Personality

Your fashion style defines your personality. To an extent, you can determine what sort of person an individual is by judging their sense of dressing. This is why people form their perceptions of you based on your style.

Many people struggle with fashion identity crises, not knowing exactly their type of style, so they do not dress in a way that matches their personality, which might cause a lack of confidence. Other times, people dress based on their mood or the occasion. 

The Bohemian style also referred to as the Boho fashion, is familiar to the free-spirited, and romantic, though it resembles vintage or traditional wear. It embraces the use of natural and local materials in an artful, overflowing layering of clothes styling. Besides its unique design and patterns, boho tops fashion is environmentally friendly and sustainable, with viable socio-economic prospects.

Beyond fashion, boho style is a way of life for its lovers. It is usually common among artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives, who use fashion to express themselves and their crafts. It has existed since the 50s and early 60s but has experienced an upgrade and revival in recent years, thanks to celebrities like Stevie Nicks, Kate Hudson, and others adopting it.

In this article, let's discuss tips on using your fashion style to reflect your personality. 

Add Some Accessories

Accessories compliment your dressing and give your appearance a spark. People use ornaments to express personality alongside the choice of clothing. Suppose you are the natural jewelry type, then you may like the nature-inspired Poco Loco Jewellery designs that will help you project the boho style even better. Essential accessories like earrings, bracelets, scarves, and belts are necessary to complete the Bohemian fashion look. 

Embrace Colors 

The color of the clothes you put on can rightly describe your personality. As individuals, we are drawn towards certain color shades, which eventually become our favorite colors. Boho style aims to make bold statements, gravitating towards natural colors like a palette with a touch of burgundies or blue, giving you a more contemporary look. Brown is also a standard color in boho fashion, which depicts strength and stability. Floral prints, laced dresses, and pastel colors are more feminine and are usually associated with easygoing and soft people. 

Do You Care About Fabrics?

The fabric you wear is also a reflection of your appeal. Natural style personality feels more comfortable wearing earthy fabrics like khaki, linen, hemp, wool, leather, and cotton, which is not convenient with the fashion industry standard. 

These materials are not exactly glamorous, but with their simple style, they give comfort all day. The free-flowing layered Bohemian style does not restrict movement, creating a relaxed and free-spirited gypsy look. Flowing maxi skirts, peasant tops, cheese clothes skirts, and loose tunics are all signatures of Bohemian fashion. 

Though unconventional, they give a bold, striking appearance. 

Prints and Pattern

Opting for unique prints and patterns on clothes is one way to make a statement with your fashion. You can easily infuse your personality in your preference of impressions inscribed on your clothes. Bohemian fashion is associated with prints, patterns, and embroideries that have a great cultural and ethnic significance. The common ones are kilim prints, paisley, and ikat patterns. Combining the Poco Loco Jewellery with these heritage prints adds a gorgeous ambiance to your look and makes you more connected to your cultural background. 

Consider Your Body Shape And Type

Not every type of clothes or style fits all body shapes. As appealing as they might look, your body shape and type must reflect your personality in your choice of fashion. In its free-flowing, loose-fitting, and layering clothing, the boho fashion is a perfect fit for all body types and shapes, adding curves and balancing alongside metal accessories to give a rich, romantic Bohemian style. 

Belts and scarves are often used to outline natural curves by tying them around the waist, the neck, or draped over the shoulder to complete the gypsy look. You have to be creative to know the best combinations that fit your body type. Tall people will look more elegant in free-flowing layers that swirl as they walk by, while petite people are more likely to use light fabrics with shorter outer layers. 

Knowing what works best for you is easy to infuse your personality into your dressing and fashion style. If you are more attuned to natural and timeless pieces, looking to create a bold and striking feature maintaining elegance, the Bohemian fashion is the perfect style for you. While it is exciting, it is easy to get the boho style wrong by overlaying or wrong elements combinations. Aim for simplicity, and your unique personality will shine through your fashion.