All The Reasons To Love This Electric Desk

All The Reasons To Love This Electric Desk

All The Reasons To Love This Electric Desk

If you are constantly active at home and work, you understand how important it is to be comfortable at all times. This task is easily handled by an electric standing desk. It can be adjusted to the desired height in a matter of minutes. Discover fascinating facts about this workstation that will make you fall in love with it!

Purchasing an electric desk is a wise investment. It will look after your well-being for years, providing flawless work and body comfort.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having Standing At Desks?

If you have long used a traditional desk at work, the main issue you may have encountered is a lack of space. A standing desk solves this problem by providing you with a large desk top on which you can place not only your laptop or computer but also other necessary equipment.

And that is not the only advantage of a standing desk:

  • Standing is much healthier than sitting;
  • Standing improves blood circulation;
  • It also increases productivity and reduces muscle stress levels;
  • It helps to relieve strain on muscles, preventing fatigue;
  • It promotes calorie burning;
  • It helps to get rid of excess cholesterol;
  • Standing brings muscles into a tone;
  • Standing allows you to keep the right posture.

What Is An Electric Desk?

An electric standing desk is a workstation that can be automatically adjusted to the desired height, eliminating the need to adjust it manually and distract from work.

How Does An Electric Desk Work?

It is controlled by an electricity-powered console with a button. An electric desk has many stop positions between the lowest and highest height settings. A single push on the button raises/lowers the tabletop to the desired height.

How Much Is An Electric Desk Worth?

The price of an electric standing desk ranges between $480 and $2.000. It is determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • Tabletop and frame material;
  • Construction quality;
  • Manufacturer;
  • Availability of additional features (added memory);
  • Engineering complexity.

How Long Should I Stand At My Electric Desk?

Alternating between sitting and standing positions is the best way to save your efficiency and health. You should spend one hour standing for every one or two hours you sit in your office or at home.

That is, every 30 to 60 minutes, one should alternate between sitting and standing. A person should stand for at least 2 hours per workday to avoid serious health problems.

Excessive standing can also be harmful to your health. The ideal number of hours one should spend at his desk per workday is four.

How To Make An Electric Standing Desk?

Although there are thousands of electric sit-to-stand solutions on the market, many people still cannot afford to purchase this workstation due to the high level of concern and cost. Many office equipment suppliers provide a great option for people on a tight budget, namely electric desk components for home construction.

As a result, one can obtain a cost-effective solution that one has created with his hands. Make a rough sketch of the future item before you begin. To construct such a workstation, you will:

  • A leg (2 pieces);
  • Foot (2 pieces);
  • Frame end (2 pieces);
  • Side frame (2 pieces);
  • A centre rail (2 pieces);
  • A desktop (1 piece);
  • A control box;
  • Cable clips (10);
  • Connector cables;
  • Power cord;
  • A wired remote control;
  • Machine screws (M6х10 – 18 pieces; M6x14 – 8 pieces);
  • Wood screws (M5x10 – 7 pieces; M5x16 – 2 pieces);
  • Noise reduction pads;
  • Crossbars.


Construct A Table Lift

  1. Place a leg into a frame end. Align the holes on each leg with the holes on the frame end.
  2. Four M6x14 machine screws should be inserted through the holes on the frame end that lead into the leg.
  3. Rotate each screw a few turns with a wrench before tightening them until secure. Repeat the same operations for the second leg.
  4. Slide a side bracket into the frame end. Two M6x35 machine screws should be inserted through the two holes on the top of the side Do the same actions for the second leg.
  5. Insert the two centre rails into the two frame ends. Check that the slots in the centre rails are pointing inward.
  6. Attach a foot with four M6x14 machine screws. Tighten in a cross-pattern until secure. Repeat the procedure for the second leg.

Connect A Table Lift Unit With A Tabletop

Check that the assembled unit is properly positioned on the underside of your desktop. Using seven M5x20 wood screws, secure the unit to the underside of your desktop.

Hand Remote Attachment

Attach the hand remote so that the front of it is parallel to the edge of the desktop. Attach it with two M5x16 wood screws.

As you can see, an electric desk is well worth purchasing or building. If you do not want to build anything, you can always order a ready-made frame unit and tabletop. As a result, you will be able to enjoy it in less than 30 minutes!