A Smile Makeover? 8 Important Pros And Cons

A Smile Makeover? 8 Important Pros And Cons

A Smile Makeover? 8 Important Pros And Cons

A smile makeover uses a range of different treatment options to address the many problems which lead individuals to be unhappy with their teeth's look, and in turn their smile. Scraped, discolored, cracked, misshapen, rotting, and damaged teeth are just a few issues. If you are facing these problems, we recommend that you get a basic cleaning by a dentist in Oakbrook Terrace. You may now have the gleaming smile you've always wanted thanks to cosmetic treatment choices. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic dentistry that may be used to boost your self-esteem.


  • Affordable 

Whitening and dental bonding are low-commitment and cost-effective choices for enhancing your grin. Teeth shining may also help maintain the pureness of your incisor surface by eliminating discoloration and other faults that can destabilize its framework if expertly performed. Adhesion, implementing epoxy material or ceramics, can make chipped, thin voids, and cracked teeth look new by using a filling content which closely corresponds to a tooth's existing enamel colour. This is also a relatively inexpensive procedure. 

  • Instant Results 

Veneers are anterior tooth coatings that appear and function primarily like dentures. They vary from attachment and crowns because they give an impression of a fresh tooth without requiring nearly as much dental work as other techniques such as adhesion or crowns. Because of the advancement in the field of cosmetic dentistry, this procedure provides quick results within the doctor’s office. Whitening treatment options are a quick and easy way to change the quality of your teeth. Dental professionals also have access to advanced stain removers that are far more potent than tooth whitening found in local stores. 

  • Oral Health 

Deformed and absent molars are more than simple cosmetic damage because they can negatively affect your oral hygiene. Tooth loss, like decayed or cracked teeth, can cause many issues, such as jaw spasms, migraines, and tooth deterioration if not handled correctly. In addition, eating may be difficult if your teeth are misaligned due to food fragments becoming lodged in the break. A mouth full of powerful, clean teeth will contribute significantly to your nutrition.


  • Long-Term Benefits 

Dental care may be able to restore your younger, shiny, and sharp smile. With superficial dentistry methods, you will bolster your self-love and general look. Teeth normally darken as you grow older as a result of a combination of smudges from all the beverages and snacks you eat and aging adjustments. With dedicated dental care your facial expression will appear far smoother and more vibrant.  


  • Tooth Sensitivity 

When you have a dental implant procedure performed, you risk reacting badly to the material used in the substitute framework on which your new teeth will be placed. If tubules - small pores containing nerve fibers - were coated and then abruptly unearthed, the tooth may experience discomfort. Gum treatment, tooth crowns, and teeth whitening all have the potential to cause discomfort. Cleaning complications are typically limited and last for a few days. However, in extreme situations, recovery can be prolonged by several weeks.

  • Upkeep 

Certain dentistry procedures, such as false teeth, have stringent upkeep directions. Each evening, you must remove, wash, and drench them in a dental solvent. To maintain your oral cleanliness, you must also practice dental hygiene. You will need to adjust your diet because certain foods can wreak havoc on the dentistry treatment done and will require you to come in for further repairs. 

  • Avoid certain foods   

If you have dental implants or dental attachments, resist munching hard foods with your front incisors. This can cause unsightly abrasive wear and cracks in your new teeth. Sugary and tough candies are the biggest problem for your teeth. Gummy candies and sticky candies can cause veneers and tooth adhesive to loosen prematurely as they cling to your tooth surface and can rip them off. After your teeth have been whitened, you should attempt to minimize your intake of beverages such as acidic juices, coffee, and tea. 

  • Risk of Infection 

If you develop an inflammation after undergoing implant treatment, the entire procedure may be jeopardized. The disease could be caused by delayed and poor recovery and concerns with the prosthesis merging with the fibers of the oral cavity. This issue can straight after surgery or even a few months later. But this is a sign of a serious infection and needs immediate care, for your health and to save the implants. It is possible to have a reaction to the periodontist’s graft gum, especially if you are allergic to it. Most times this gum is used when you are having custom-made crowns put in.  This procedure involves the jaw or cranium cartilage, so special care needs to be taken.

With the ever-expanding choice of dental procedures on offer, there is no longer any reason you should conceal your smile any longer. Educated in the most current innovations, cosmetic dental professionals can transform drab grins into ones that brighten up the place or rebuild the credibility of defective gums. People can eat, gnaw, and giggle with newfound confidence. All it requires is making sure you have done your research on which procedure you want to go for, and having a professional who will take the time to find out if there could be any factors which might influence the outcome adversely.