A Relationship Guide: Tips On How To Get Back To Your Ex

A Relationship Guide: Tips On How To Get Back To Your Ex

A Relationship Guide: Tips On How To Get Back To Your Ex

Did you just break up with your partner? Do you feel empty and desperate to get them back? Hold on and put that phone down! Now is not the time to send them a drunk text. Unless you want to destroy all your chances by acting hastily, think before acting. There is a way to get them back; however, you have to work hard on your relationship. Here are 6 tips to help you reach your goal. 

Give Them Space

Your partner didn’t break up with you to have a nagging ex send them a text every morning begging for a response. Give your partner space after a breakup and give yourself a chance to re-evaluate the relationship better. True, you are also giving your partner a chance to move on if they are really done with the relationship; however, trust us, this is a risk you have to deal with. If your partner loved you, they would be dealing with the same feelings as you, so all you need is to give them space to understand that they need you in their life. 

Don’t Agree to Become Friends. 

If your partner initiated the breakup, you probably heard a couple of suggestions that you didn’t like. Experts always mentioned that many guys visit them saying, “Hey, my ex-girlfriend wants to be friends, and I still want her in my life, so I agreed.” Just because your breakup wasn’t mutual doesn’t mean you have to agree to all requests to keep your partner in your life. Being friend-zoned will not help you get your partner back; it will only help them feel less guilty about the breakup. 

Don’t Let Your Anger Show.

So, you have broken up; it is not fair, and you feel angry, which means you need to vent. Fight that urge! Don’t call your BFFs to badmouth your ex if you know you still love them. If you have dated long enough, chances are you have mutual friends, and no matter how much you trust them, a couple of words might slip out and ruin your chances. So bear with it if you are angry, or vent on a piece of paper and tear it instead.  

Don’t Get Back Together Just Because You Are Lonely. 

People love staying in their comfort zone, and dating new people means getting out of your comfort zone. If the only reason you want your ex back is that you feel lonely, you might face the same issues again once you are back together. During your time apart, fill your time with new hobbies and meet more friends. If you feel like you miss your ex even while enjoying your time with your friends, then you really love your ex, and your reunion could succeed.

Evaluate Your Relationship

Before you reconnect with your ex again, use your time away to re-evaluate your relationship. Why do you miss them? What were the issues you had together? Are they fixable? Was there something you did that caused the breakup? Answer all these questions and write down a list of what led to your breakup. If your arguments were related to your personality and core values, chances are you won’t be able to fix anything. On the other hand, if the only issues you had were things like conflicting schedules, lack of dates, or even lack of money. One person could sacrifice a bit to solve the problem, and you can work on your relationship again.

Keep Your First Meeting Casual 

You have many memories together, but don’t expect your ex to feel comfortable hanging out in the same bar you used to frequent together. It would be foolish to think that everything could get back to normal within a couple of minutes after some time apart.

When you agree to meet up with your ex again, try to meet in a casual spot, like a coffee shop or a restaurant. Set a breakfast, brunch, or lunch meeting to keep the atmosphere relaxed, and think about the topics you could talk about beforehand. Keep in mind the main issues you had together will pop up, so prepare yourself to discuss them calmly and show how you changed during the time you spent alone.

Finally, don’t forget that winning your ex back is only the start. There is so much hard work to be done to keep your relationship thriving. Be honest and discuss everything together. Now is the time to prove that the first breakup was a mistake and that you can spend years happy and satisfied.