A Complete Guide to Select the Right Vape Device for Yourself

A Complete Guide to Select the Right Vape Device for Yourself

A Complete Guide to Select the Right Vape Device for Yourself

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Are you thinking about buying your first vaping device and wondering where to start? Your confusion is understandable since there are so many types of vaping devices and products available nowadays. With so many options to take your pick from, things can seem overwhelming to begin with for a newbie. 

One of the first things that you should know about is the parts of a vaping device. Along with that, it helps to have a brief idea about popular vaping devices on the market and their suitability. So, if you wish to learn nit grits before making a purchase decision, this article can be a great help. Read on to know about these factors in detail.

Essential Parts of a Vaping Device

A few basic parts are commonly found in all vaping devices. Usually, they look different in appearance, but their primary functions are the same. Here are the different parts of a vaping device:

  • Vape tanks: This part of the device has a heating coil, e-liquid, and wicks. 
  • Vape coils: It is a replaceable section of wire or assembly that is wound into a spring coil shape. The coils are wicked with absorbent material, such as cotton that absorbs the e-liquid. The wire coils are heated for vaporizing the e-liquid on the wicks.
  • Batteries: Batteries power the Mod or device. Some devices have integrated batteries, while others have replaceable cells.
  • Vape mods: The device houses batteries that connect and transfer power to the atomizer/clearomizer
  • E-juice: A mix of food flavoring, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and at times, nicotine gets heated for creating the vapor for inhalation.

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Which One Is A Suitable Vaping Device For You?

Several vaping devices are available in the market, and here’s outlining whether the popular ones are the best fit for you.

  • Vape Pens

Vape pens have a battery, tank, and safety features that turn off automatically after a few seconds. Most vape pens can allow both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung inhalation methods. You can use a USB port to charge some of these devices. Also, most vape pens can handle about twelve mg of nicotine and go up to eighty watts. You can check out the best place to buy vape juice online in this regard.

Buy Vape Pens If:

You can buy a Suorin vape pen when you want an extremely portable device that lets you taste the bold flavors of popular e-juices. Vape pens are also pretty affordable and straightforward to use. 


  • Cig-A-Like

Cig-a-like was the first vaping device to come into the market that closely resembles the shape and size of real cigarettes. It comes with a battery and cartomizer with flavor cartridges. It would be best if you inhaled to begin vaping because the device gets activated when you draw. A good cig-a-like can handle at least 24 mg of nicotine. Some devices even have a cool LED light at the end to make it look like an actual cigarette.

Buy Cig-A-Likes If:

If you’re trying to give up smoking, cig-a-like is the perfect device for you. It is also very portable and easy to use. The ones who prefer mouth-to-lung inhalation would also find this device pretty handy. You can hold the vapor in your mouth before getting it into the lungs.


  • Box Mod

The large and bulky shape of the box mods is their most distinguishing factor. The device comes with a sub-ohm tank and external batteries. Most of these devices have a way for you to view the temperature settings and ohmmeter. Some box mods even let you control the temperature and adjust the wattage or voltage anywhere from ten to three hundred watts. They have internal circuit boards, along with in-built features that protect you from spit-backs and other dangers. 

Buy Box Mods If:

Box mods can allow both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung inhalation methods. So, you will have greater control over your vaping experience.

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  • Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods have three separate parts, namely, a case, battery, and atomizer. Generally, mechanical mods are tubular. Therefore, you need to be pretty cautious while using these vaping devices because it does not have any safety precautions. 

Buy Mechanical Mods If:

Mechanical mods are the right choice for you when the plan is to learn to build your atomizer or completely customize your vaping experience. You might also consider investing in mechanical mods when the aim is to learn how to build your coils. People are looking for devices with high wattage capacity, like mechanical mods. Thus, it is best to point out that mechanical mods are for experienced vapers.

  • Pod mods

You can call pod mods to be an upgrade from the basic versions of cig-a-likes. Pod mods have extremely low wattage, which is usually at or even below sixteen watts. In addition, it uses nicotine salt e-juices.

Buy pod mods if:

If you want to enjoy a high nicotine concentration, getting a pod mod would be a good idea. New vapers would love the fact that the device is highly portable and easy to use. Similar to cig-a-like, even pod mods will give you a similar experience to smoking.

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Wrapping Up

Vaping market is constantly growing, so there are continual product innovations. If you have a basic idea about the different parts of vaping devices, the buying decision gets simple. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance from a vaping expert if you require more information. So, go ahead and make your decision now!