8 Great Ways To Help You Grieve Your Loved Ones

8 Great Ways To Help You Grieve Your Loved Ones

8 Great Ways To Help You Grieve Your Loved Ones

Grieving is a process that everyone handles differently, and it can be hard to find a way that works for you. It’s never going to be something that’s easy to handle, and you might find that it’s never easy to tell how much others are grieving just by their actions. Some people keep their feelings inside, some people prefer to be emotionally outward - either way, there are ways to help you grieve your loved ones, and you should never be afraid to explore your options. It’s an overwhelming experience and letting it control you will only make things more difficult.


Celebrate them

When your loved ones are gone, they take their interests with them, but you don’t have to let those memories and experiences go. It’s common practice to do things that they enjoy in their place after they’ve left, and it’s something that you can do with people with mutual feelings to yours. Celebrating them every year can help to keep your memories and feelings about them fresh, and is a very nice way to pay your respects to them. Even if it’s not a huge event, something as simple as taking a part in their hobby for the day can be a great help.

Visit their burial place

Even if it doesn’t sound like it might help you, visiting the place that they were buried can help you for a number of reasons. Firstly, you’re physically close to them again, and it’s a space where you can go just to think about the times you’ve had with them, and maybe even talk to them. Everyone has their own beliefs about what happens after passing, but that doesn’t mean that visiting the place of burial won’t help with your grieving process. It’s more for you and your peace of mind, and can just be a good place to get your feelings out.

Live your best life

Losing someone close to you can be devastating, and some people become overwhelmed with grief so much that they aren’t able to continue life afterward. Getting on with things can be difficult when your mind is riddled with grief, and it can be difficult to get back on track. Of course, it’s going to take time to be ready to move on, but you have to think about how the person who has passed would feel. They would want you to be able to keep on moving and make the most of your life. Take it as an opportunity to make them proud.

Keep them close to you

Just because they’re no longer around, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer feel close to them, and there’s a lot you can do to help you feel closer. People have a number of different ways to help them remember their loved ones, and they can be a great way to help you cope with the grief when you’re thinking about them or if you’re missing them. It’s normal to think about them from time to time, and in these times it will make you feel better to have something to remember them by.

In many cases, when you’ve lost a family member, it’s normal to have something around the house to remind you of the. You would have seen families keeping urns, or even some kind of shrine to help them remember and feel close. In other cases, you might want to hold onto a piece of their jewelry or an accessory that reminds you of them.

Plant something to remember them with

A simple yet very effective way to help you remember them can be through planting something for them. It can be anything, and most commonly it’s a tree. For example, planting a tree in your garden can be a wonderful way to help you remember your lost loved ones, and as it grows it will remind you of them even more. Celebrating someone’s life with another form of life can be a nice way to keep their memories alive.

Put together your memories with them

Losing someone is a big change in life, and there’s never been a better time to start collecting up the tokens of your memories together. It can be anything, a folder on your computer, a box in your room, or even just a binder full of pictures and such. Having all of your pictures and items that remind you of them can help you reminisce over the times you’ve had, and will stop them from getting lost to time. Not only this but making and putting the box together can be a great way to help you feel close to them again.

Listen to their favorite music

It might sound silly at first, but listening to your loved ones’ favorite music after they’ve passed can be a great way to help you think about them. Putting it in your playlist, or even just putting it on when you want to remember them is a wonderful way to honor them while helping you remember for yourself. It’s comforting and can be considered quite intimate.

Write to them

It’s complicated, but writing to your loved ones who have passed can be healthy for you for many reasons. It’s never good to keep your feelings bottled up, but once someone is gone, there are feelings that you can no longer share with them. This is why you should consider writing a letter to them. Even if they will not see the letter, having a place for you to express your feelings for them, or just to get your thoughts out of your head can help with the grieving. Not only does it help you come to accept how things are, but it can help you feel like you’re communicating with them. 


It’s important not to let grief overwhelm you without doing something about it. The loved ones who have passed would not want you to struggle, and you should do what you can to help come to terms with how things are.