7 Tips on How to Look Good in a T-shirt

7 Tips on How to Look Good in a T-shirt

7 Tips on How to Look Good in a T-shirt

T-shirt is the basic part of today’s fashion. Everybody loves to wear T-shirts that are designed well and look attractive. As it is a modern fashion to wear a T-shirt, also it is very simple and easy to wear change. Now the question is that how should I choose the right tee for myself? What kind of tee will be fit for my body? What type of t-shirt color I should buy for myself?

A lot of people are mostly confused according to t-shirt choice having questions like that in their mind. Most of us don’t know how to choose the right t-shirt that is fit for our body and figure. Today we are here to discuss what kind of tee would suit you and how you can look better in that.

If still, this doesn’t help, I would recommend you to go for Vlone T-shirts, because they are naturally designed to look better on you, no matter how your physiques are. 

Here are the tips that would help you look better in a T-shirt than anyone else and will also help you to choose the design that suits you.

1 Know Your Body Type

The first and most important thing to know before wearing a capital t-shirt is your body type. If you are a bit fat man, so you should probably choose a little wider t-shirt instead of a fit one, because a fit t-shirt won’t hide the weight in your midsection and that might look disgusting. On the other hand, if you are a skinny type, you should choose a fitted tee for yourself to look good in.

A tee plays a very remarkable role in making your body look even if you don’t have a muscular physique.

2 Where and When to Wear a T-shirt

Another important thing is that where and when it’s appropriate to wear a t-shirt.

You should not wear a t-shirt at your friend’s wedding or going to the office unless you are specifically required to, no matter how good you look in it and how confident you feel. T-shirts have their own time and occasions.

3 Select the Right Fabric

T-shirt fabric is a key factor to determine its quality. If you want to look in a t-shirt and also feel better in it, make sure you choose the one that has awesome materials. Two t-shirts might have the same color and design, but the one with awesome fabric will perform better than the other identical tee by a wide margin.

While you are shopping for a T-shirt, read the label on it. People often check the price, but they forget to look for the materials from which that T-shirt is made. Vlone T-shirts are made of Polyester/Cotton which makes them comfortable and long-lasting.

4 Neck Design

T-shirts have two neck designs.

  1. V-Neck
  2. Crew Neck

Now, which one is best for you?

Usually, V-Necks look good on fitter men. The deep cut in V-Necks shows off and emphasizes a built-up chest. A V-Neck makes your height obvious and balances a narrow face or short neck.

Crew necks are a good option for men having a thinner frame. This style draws less attention to your upper torso and doesn’t unveil your neck as much. Which is a good thing if you haven’t been to the gym in a while. 

5 Nail the Fit

A good T-shirt fit should have two things:

  • It must be according to your body shape
  • It must not cause any discomfort or restrict the movement freedom of your body parts.

Fit is a component of style that’s why you should care much about it. Fit T-shirts will showcase your masculine figure while ill-fitting ones will hide it. You should spend more time finding a T-shirt brand and design that works for your body type. 

6 Choose the Right Color

It is also important to notice when you are buying a t-shirt. You should choose the color that looks flattering on you, you feel confident in it and it also works with the rest of your outfit.

I would recommend the following colors in the beginning but you can also go with alternative colors and bold stripes.

  • Black: If you love darker outfits then you should give it a try because black is a versatile option for darker outfits. But be aware that black T-shirts can fade over time and change into a worn-out gray color.
  • White: Many men have white t-shirts as a foundation for their wardrobes. Most of the undershirts come in the form of white crew necks that’s why you should be extra careful about it.
  • Gray: Gray has a way to match up well with a large number of clothing combinations. It will enhance your physique if you are well-built.
  • Navy Blue: This is also a good-looking color for a T-shirt. This color would look more fascinating if you wear it with dark jeans.

7 Fold Your Tee Correctly

Once you have purchased the perfect T-shirt, now you need to know that how would it last for a long time. The tips discussed above will help you how to choose a good t-shirt, and this one will help you how to use a T-shirt. To fold your T-shirt in a perfect way, follow these 6 simple steps.

  1. First of all, lay down your T-shirt and smooth out any wrinkles with your hand.
  2. Imagine a vertical line in the center of the T-shirt and fold your tee along this line in a way that both of the sleeves touch each other. You will have a shape resembling a T-shirt cut in half.
  3. Fold both sleeves back and over the body.
  4. From top to bottom, fold the whole tee in half again.
  5. For the last time, fold the T-shirt in half again
  6. Now you have a crisp, compact and clean fold.

In this way, you would be able to use a T-shirt for a long time and also save your money and effort. 


Above we discussed how and what kind of T-shirt you should choose for yourself to look good. To find the style and brand that is fit for you. You don’t need to follow only these methods and instructions to choose a T-shirt for yourself. You can also go and find on your own. Go out and explore different T-shirt styles, brands, designs, and colors. And choose the perfect T-shirt design for yourself. Don’t forget to try and check out Vlone T-shirts as they are designed well and according to modern design trends.