7 On-Trend Clothes to Make You A Unique “Fashionista” in 2021

7 On-Trend Clothes to Make You A Unique “Fashionista” in 2021

7 On-Trend Clothes to Make You A Unique "Fashionista" in 2021

We all are aware, 2020 was not a good year for clothes (not for new clothes, at least). The storm of the virus had led us to remote working, limited festive celebration and parties, causing fashion to lose some of its glow. But, all the ladies out there, the New Year (2021) is coming with new hopes, immense confidence, and new clothes (hopefully vaccine too!).

Scroll down to learn the seven on-trend clothes, which will make you a unique “fashionista” in 2021.

  • Pull off an oversized blazer:

Nowadays, women’s fashion is making a shift towards big clothes, borrowing pretty much from the men’s plate. This slouchy oversized silhouette (or boyfriend’s blazer) has taken inspiration from the 80’s cuts and big and bold jackets, coats, and blazers. Along with the shoulder pads, you can nail this look with straight trousers, narrow jeans, and leather skirts.

  • Flirt with fancy ruffles and frills:

Ruffles and frills indicate the return of femininity. Not all want to get trapped inside the boyfriend’s shirts; if you’re sailing on the same boat, then wrap fancy ruffles and frills. Embrace the fashion’s romantic side by either a tiered skirt or floaty sleeves. Give yourself a chic look with knee-high boots in fall and neutral sandals in spring.

  • Get comfortable with leather luxe:

The universally flattering leather trend is rendering some styling inspiration with its classic look. There is an array of pieces to head start from; midi dresses in poufy sleeves, loose blazers with simple tops or turtleneck sweaters, and leather pants with animal print pieces. All of these will luxe up with everyday looks, delivering an instantly fresh feeling.

  • Denims are a wanderer:

It is a classic style with which you can shine and shimmer all day long. No matter, you kick off the new stylish trend with bottom wear or top wear, it will penetrate the street style. The wide-legged silhouettes, which sit high on the waist and are loose in the leg, give a unique comfort. Dress up with lace crop tops and daring jackets to get the distinct evening weekend vibes.

  • All-over prints lift the mood:

From head to toe, the prints are going to grab attention, rendering a cohesive look. The colours that are forecasted to trend are oranges and earthy tones. Well, we know 2020 is mostly streamlined with neutral colours. Soon, the new year is going to add pops of colours and several prints to your wardrobe as well as life with this trend.

  • Add dramatic shoulders:

Designers have reimagined the shoulder look due to the number of Zoom meetings added to your daily routine. With the combination of the softer shape of a blazer, this big shoulder trend is ready to pose in 2021. It is the perfect design to cut the chaos of the world, making the co-workers notice your new look.

  • Headscarves peeping in and out:

For decades, they were in and out of fashion. But now, it is forecasted to be a trendsetter in 2021. Dubbed as an iconic accessory, you can tie it up in various styles. Whether it is a bandana tie or a headwrap style, you will look adorable and youthful despite your age. So, be ready to gear up with headscarves with the right outfits.

Final thoughts:

So, are you ready to add up some “new clothes” into your wardrobe? The above list will help you have some fun all season. Well, this makes me realise that Christmas is around the corner, so have you decided on your outfit? No, don’t worry! Read the 10 great festival outfit ideas blog and toss on for a socially-distanced party.

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