7 Must Know Tips For First Date Success

7 Must Know Tips For First Date Success

7 Must Know Tips For First Date Success

First dates are of a special kind. No matter who you are, a poor first impression could dampen the relationship afterward. Every move you make counts. However, there is no point in being overly anxious. 

First dates can be as simple or complicated as you make them. As long as you stick to the basics, you are good to go.  Here are seven must know tips for first date success.

 Prepare yourself to the teeth.

As soon as you get a yes on the first date request, the adventure begins. A lot of people often say that you can't prepare well enough for a first date. True or not, losing your guard doesn't help either. 

For a first-date success, you may either count on luck or preparedness. However, you're better off with the latter because if there's one thing about luck we all know of, it never comes to the unprepared. 

Prepare yourself from all angles, like checking your wardrobe if the outfit is in good shape. Also, you may want to check if you're not short on perfumes. There is no harm in getting a backup from parfumdreams to be on the safe side.

Choose the right venue.

Speaking of venues, it pays to choose the right location. Even better, it pays to be familiar with the choice of the venue beforehand. You might not want your allergies to fishy smell to ruin a perfect date at the lakeside garden. 

Whether you're planning the date or merely enjoying the ride, doing a backgrounder on the location is essential due diligence. Some helpful questions for this process may include:

  • What type of foods are available?
  • What clothes best suit the location's setting?
  • How long will it take to get there and what mode of transport will be the most convenient.

You're likely to realize how answering all these questions might appear as that confidence booster you need for the date.

  • Be punctual

The early bird catches the early worm. For a first date, the earliest person is likely to have it all under control. It helps you to relax and savor that brief period of calm before the actual game begins.

Even if you happen to be jointly commuting to the place, arriving on time at the pick-up destination is crucial. You might not want to keep a fully dressed person waiting in their living room for hours. It reduces the anticipation and might mar their whole experience at best. At worst, they might decide to opt-out.

  • Up your manners game

There are many manners to be mindful of, and you might want to ask for insights if you're uncertain in your mind. Generally, it pays to be kind to your date partner, whether it's a romantic date or not. Don't go easy on your manners. 

  • You don't need to overcomplicate things. 

No matter how you plan out things, you may not have control over everything. There are little things like your phone going off when it's time to settle the bill. 

How you manage cases like these will always be a lasting memory. It depends on you to ensure the memory is in good taste or a sour one. It helps to think on your feet, ask for help if you run out of options, and constantly reassure your date partner.

 Let the conversation flow.

There is a kind of conversation that may only happen on date nights. No amount of DMs can come close. Those are the conversations you might want to aim at for your first date success. 

It helps to generate conversations around interest areas. The more you are away from your date partner's comfort zone, the little opportunity you give them in contributing to the conversation. 

  • What you do after the date matters

The success of your date doesn't end after a nice meal and a smooth conversation while having it. What you do after it all counts as much. If it's a romantic date, post-date communication is a great way to get deeper and more intimate. 

For generic ones, you might want to risk above-the-belt questions like 'What's the craziest thing they can do while walking the street?’ It adds more adventure and is a great way to create lasting memories. 

If anything, what is the success of a first date if it doesn't lead to a second?