7 Hot Hair Trends to Watch in Summer 2021

7 Hot Hair Trends to Watch in Summer 2021

7 Hot Hair Trends to Watch in Summer 2021

It's summer, and you know what that means. All kinds of fun hairstyles are out on display. Are you rocking a new summer look?

There's a huge variety of styles that get popular when the weather gets warm, but there are a few summer hair trends that are unique to 2021. 

If you're ready for a fresh new look for your summer hair, we're here to give you some ideas. Keep reading for the summer 2021 hair trends that we love. 

1. Beachy Waves

Like every summer, beachy waves are back for the summer of 2021. 

Regardless of whether or not your hair can hold a curl, beachy waves are great for people with straight to wavy hair textures. They look effortless and relaxed while still looking stylish and hip. 

Beachy waves are best for days where you "dress down" instead of formal occasions (though you can make them work for both situations). They make you look as though you've just stepped out of the ocean or pool.

If you have pin-straight hair, you're going to need to find the best hair products that you can scrunch into your hair to give it some bounce. 

One of the best things about beachy waves is that you don't have to strive for perfection. This hairstyle is messy and casual, so there's no need for sticky hairspray or bobby pins. 

2. Bright Blondes

Another common summer trend, more people are choosing to go blonde (or add blonde highlights) during the warmer months.

Blonde hair is convenient during the summer. You don't have to deal with pesky unintentional highlights from the sun. Instead, you look sun-kissed all the time.

If you're going full blonde, we suggest a warm honey blonde instead of going platinum. Platinum tends to work better during the cooler months. 

If you're not ready to commit to a full-blonde look, stick with highlights. There are plenty of highlight styles that work with all kinds of hair textures. If you make them look natural, you'll get a cool and effortless appearance. 

Be careful with blonde hair if you decide to go to the pool. Hair that's too light can turn green if you're not careful. 

3. Trendy Bobs

Summer is hot, so many people are no longer willing to carry their heads full of heavy hair. They're lopping it off in favor of retro bobs. 

People with most hair textures can rock a bob, and they come in several different varieties. There are blunt bobs that are the same all around, bobs that are short in the back and long in the front, curly flapper style bobs, and more. 

If you have long locks that you've been considering losing, why not chop your hair into a bob (and donating the rest)?

4. Modern Mullets

Yes, you read that right. Believe it or not, mullets are hot in 2021, regardless of your gender. 

While they were once a relic of a different era, mullets are no longer the laughing stock they were during the past few years. They've returned with a vengeance. 

People are going several different directions with mullets, so there's sure to be one that strikes your fancy. If you're going with the mullet look, we suggest going to an expensive hairstylist if you don't want to look like a time traveler from the eighties. 

Curly mullets are more "traditional" looking. Perhaps popularized by the hit sci-fi show Stranger things or just making their rounds through the decade, these are easy to maintain and totally retro. 

There's also a "modern" mullet. It's choppy, layered, and stylish amongst hip young people. 

5. Bright Hair Color

Bright colors are always popular during the warmer months. Why not get in on the trend?

When more people started working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, they had more freedom to change their hair. Why not go with some fun and fancy colors when you're no longer in the office?

When it comes to summer months, warm and light colors are more popular. They hold up better in the sun and bleed less when you get into the water. Save dark blues and purples for winter unless you're committed to using only black towels on beach days. 

Rose gold, pink, and lilac are hot right now, but make sure that your hair is light enough to work with those colors. You'll need to bleach your hair platinum first. 

6. Blunt Bangs

During the lockdown, many of us made the rash decision to give ourselves bangs. What else was there to do when we were all locked up at home? 

Despite a few mistakes and mishaps along the way, bangs are back in fashion (though, preferably done by a professional). Blunt bangs look cool and stylish, and they're great for hiding your forehead from the sun and covering up a bad eyebrow day. 

If you want to try something different (and you don't mind the annoying growing out period), try bangs!

7. Center Parts

The last (and most confusing) trend of the summer is the center part.

Millennials thought they saw the last of the center part in the early 2000s, but it's returned in its full glory. People are parting their hair down the middle instead of rocking heavy side parts.

This isn't for everyone. People who aren't fond of their foreheads may want to stick with the side part (or bangs), but if you're feeling brave, try it out. It's a noncommittal hairstyle, so it won't do any harm if you decide that it's not your thing. 

We Love These Summer 2021 Hair Trends

So, which of these summer 2021 hair trends is your new favorite? Are you brave enough to rock a colorful mullet, or are you sticking with some beachy blonde highlights? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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