7 Accessories to Get That Chic Look Instantly

7 Accessories to Get That Chic Look Instantly

7 Accessories to Get That Chic Look Instantly

We all have had that Barbie era in life where we just wanted an elite and fashionable life like that of Barbie. We dreamt of wearing trendy clothes and walking down the road as if it was our runway. Now, fashion has come a long way and has become available in plenty for people to choose their styles and innovate their persona. 

You can choose from several accessories, clothing styles, materials, and fashion trends. While looking good is important, conveying yourself through your fashion has become more important for people. Here is a list of 7 more chic and fashionable accessories that might help you narrow down your choices next time you go window shopping or real-time shopping.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses were originally made to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, but one fine day someone decided that they'd be perfect for an evening party as well. Or a date night, maybe? And it was decided that the sunglasses are not only your protectors but your fashion friends as well. Pick up a pair of funky converse shoes, choose from a fascinating collection of Barton Perreira frames, and you're good to go for the day (and night). 

  1. Watches

Gold dials are becoming a thing now. Really! Madison Beer makes it look so cool on her wrist. Watches are old school as we've got smartphones, but who said old school ain't fashionable. Pairing up your denim with a chic watch will surely make heads turn to your wrists. 

  1. Nose Rings

There isn't a single aesthetic type in this world where nose rings can't fit. Emo and grunge? 

Go for silver septum rings. Cottage core? Gold is gold for you. Soft girl? You need a pin for life. Indian? Go for any and every nose ring. Nose rings add character to your face and are worth the money and hype (and a little pain). Here are some tips to help you style them gorgeously.

  1. Statement belts

Loose pants or not, you need a belt to express yourself better. 

Statement belts are a cherry on the cake if not the cream of the cake because they beautify almost every outfit once paired with. Designer, funky, blunt, mono-color, colorful, or black, your choice! Go for it bestie.

  1. Handbags

Handbags were made to carry your things, but your handbags are more important than your things these days. Check out levantinebags.com for handbags that come in various shapes, sizes, etc, and can be made from various materials. Leather is the most common material used to create handbags, but synthetic materials such as canvas and vinyl are also popular. Handbags can be adorned with metal hardware, buckles, and studs, and often feature pockets, compartments, and zippers for added convenience.

Queen bee energy? Yes, please.

  1. Headwraps and headbands

Blair Cornelia Waldorf, you are a legend. Gossip Girl incredibly developed our fashion sense, and we all agree. That's why we all bought a trendy headband. Well, I did. Headbands are the best way to manage your hair and look like a diva at 7 am at the milk shop. You got it, girl! Your headband is your best friend.

  1. Earrings and ear cuffs

Getting your ear pierced is a blessing in disguise, which we didn't know when our mom got them done when we were a kid. Good thing we don't remember the pain, and we love how our ears look every time we dress them up. Earrings and ear cuffs make you look better instantly, no questions asked. Go for simple earrings, tassels for a friend's birthday party, hoops for your date night, and dots for a cozy day at home. Give love to your ears and see them loving you back too.