6 Educators You Wish You Had as Profs at College

6 Educators You Wish You Had as Profs at College

6 Educators You Wish You Had as Profs at College

Sometimes, a good and interested professor can make all the difference for the students. There are too many examples of learners who get discouraged with their studies because they don’t like their educators.

Another example of bad teaching is when a professor says that only half of their students will pass the final exam. The goal of all educators should be successful learning, not creating the most complex course in college. When professors are tough to work with, students often decide to buy essay from an essay service to receive an acceptable grade.

History knows a lot of examples of great educators who were passionate about giving their knowledge to students. Some of them didn’t even get a chance to become a teacher in a traditional understanding of this word, as they were more focused on their studies.

Here is a list of 7 educators that you wish you had as profs at college. You would have no need for Essay Service review, like NoCramming, with these teachers. Let’s learn a little bit more about these incredible people who dedicated their lives to teaching others.

Anne Sullivan (1866–1936)

Anne Sullivan was one of those people who never give up in face of challenges. She was a teacher for only one student throughout her life and yet, Anne Sullivan was devoted to her for almost 50 years. Helen Keller was blind and deaf from her early childhood. Anne Sullivan took personal responsibility for her and taught her how to read Braille and interact with the world.

The work of Anne Sullivan inspired hundreds of educators who work with difficult children. Maybe she would not be suitable for college level, but her example certainly shows that with enough dedication, you can make contact with anybody.

Maria Montessori (1870-1952)

Perhaps everybody knows about the Montessori system of learning that is popular in kindergartens today. Maria Montessori was the founder of this system who started working with mentally disabled children. Today, the elements of the Montessori system of learning can be applied to all levels of education.

Throughout her whole life, Maria Montessori was an advocate for the rights of women and children. She also believed that world peace can be achieved with the help of education. There certainly would not be any discrimination in her classes in college!

Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)

The life of Booker T. Washington is an inspiring story of a person who was born a slave and turned out to be one of the most influential African American educators. There is definite evidence that Washington supported autonomy more than politics.

Modern students would only benefit if Booker T. Washington was their professor. He was always an advocate for equal rights in education for African-American students. Also, he wanted to teach that independence does not always go hand in hand with political campaigns.

David Attenborough (1925-present)

Today, Netflix has a popular collection of nature documentaries that are narrated by a man with an extremely smooth voice and profound knowledge of the natural world. This man is David Attenborough who is also a natural historian and broadcaster.

For decades, David Attenborough has been raising awareness about environmental issues. Modern colleges can benefit from this course, especially as the planet constantly suffers from global warming and its consequences.

Bill Nye (1955-present)

Yes, Bill Nye the Science Guy. No, he is not actually just an actor on TV. Bill Nye is a scientist and a mechanical engineer who can present knowledge in an interesting way. Many science teachers in college have more science than fun in their classes. Students can get bored easily and lose interest in the subject, especially when they don’t understand it.

Bill Nye has been an educator for his entire life and just figured out a way to keep his students interested. He also has an extensive record of degrees, awards, and patents. So maybe you can believe something that you see on TV, especially if it includes scientific experiments!

Joe Wicks (1985-present)

Now get ready for some moves! College is all about education, both for the mind and for the body. Joe Wicks is the coolest P.E. teacher that you can have. He is energetic, encouraging, and kind to all students.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, Joe Wicks has been streaming videos with his exercise programs encouraging the students to move around more instead of just sitting all day. Sure, this class might be unconventional for college, but it certainly can improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the learners.


Final Words

Professors have a huge influence on the educational progress of learners. College experiences can be very unpleasant if you don’t agree with the teachers on many subjects. Even though it is impossible to get a lecture from the educators that are on this list, their stories can be an inspiration for everybody.

There is no miracle approach to all learners. The educators have to change their ways and learn along with the students to become better every day!