5 Best Health and Fitness Careers for Retired Athletes

5 Best Health and Fitness Careers for Retired Athletes

5 Best Health and Fitness Careers for Retired Athletes 

Retired athletes can take part in various sporting careers after their playing days are over. They know what it takes to be an athlete and to shine on the grandest stage. Whatever job they take up, they will help other athletes to be better at what they do. Many health and fitness careers exist in the sports world and the world generally. Here are some of the best health and fitness careers that retired athletes can opt to be a part of. They definitely will do a great job as they know a few things about fitness. 

Physical Education Teacher

As a former athlete, one of the fitness careers you can look at is being a P.E. teacher or a gym teacher. These teachers help students get their physicals up and teach the importance of physical exercise. Here, you will comfortably earn between $47,019 – $50,456. Different schools have different merits on who can take up the job. But as a former athlete, you should be a frontrunner for the job. You may need to have your degree before you can get this job, though. 

Health Educator

The P.E teacher can also double up as a health educator as they should know a thing or two about health. You should, however, specialize in physical health though. You will have to design and implement healthy behavior for your students. These ideas that you present should be able to help prevent disease for the learners. You don’t have to be limited to a singular station to work as a health educator. This info can be delivered through workshops, group sessions, and conferences. 


Another career that a retired athlete can be a part of is nutrition. As a former athlete, you should know something about eating right, which is a big part of being an athlete. In this post, you will be doing majorly to provide counseling and education to patients to ensure a healthy diet. 

It would help if you had a degree in public health, food, and nutrition or nutrition for this position. 

Physical Therapy Assistant

You can also work as a physical therapy assistant who works closely with the physical therapy to ensure patient recovery. You’ll also have to help out in assessing patients, plan programs, and treat patients. As a PTA, all you need to get started is to complete the state exam and a license to practice. You may also need to have an Associate’s degree for the post in most institutions. 

Fitness Manager

A fitness manager is one of the top earners in the fitness and health job field. In this job, you earn up to 74,000 per year. You can work as a personal trainer, lead trainers, and instructors for athletes in this job. You need to have a personal training certificate to get this job. In some rare instances, you may also need to have a degree to secure the job. 

Best Health and Fitness Careers for Retired Athletes

Since there are several careers in the health and fitness sector, you will have a wide array of options as a retired athlete. The Fitness Group courses in the UK, offers many of these courses online, so you can study from the convenience of your own home and then test when time permits. These aren’t all of the careers you could seek, however, these are some of the best jobs you can get as a former athlete.


Health Instructor

Chest Supported T-Bar Rows 

Chest-supported T-bar rows are a weight training exercise that primarily targets the mid-back muscles, including the rhomboids and trapezius. The exercise involves leaning forward with the chest supported against a padded support while holding a weighted bar with both hands. The feet are anchored to the floor to stabilise the body, and the elbows are kept close to the torso as the bar is lifted towards the chest. 

Chest-supported T-bar row is the best exerciser machine for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts looking to sculpt a well-defined back.

Place it at the last of 5 best machines.