5 Amazing Ideas To Spice Up Your Interior Décor

5 Amazing Ideas To Spice Up Your Interior Décor

5 Amazing Ideas To Spice Up Your Interior Décor

It is essential to understand how to design your home décor and make it perfect for you and your loved ones. Remember that the space you live in is your haven and the go-to space for peace and tranquility. When deciding to make things a bit more interesting, you have to consider several things. The primary concern should be your preferred décor pieces, colors, and themes. It helps to have specific themes to work with and play around with it. 

Over time, things get easier and fall in place. Even so, one must understand the basics of decorating their space regardless of how big they are. 

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Focus on the Space & Ventilation

Before putting up any décor pieces, you need to scrutinize the space you are working with. It helps to understand a few aspects of the space, including size, items to be used, furniture, existing décor pieces, and ventilation sources and systems. Having a clear picture or a rough idea of how you want things to turn out is best advised. Know what works with your space before bringing in more items.

There may be unique ways to make a small space look more spacious without cluttering it. Unfortunately, using too many décor pieces can make a room look cramped and saturated, which is the last thing you want happening. When it comes to ventilation systems, opt for a standard duct vent that is not only cost-effective but saves a lot of space as well. Besides, if you have already installed a standard vent in the room, consider purchasing various types of 30 x 8 vent duct covers. Furthermore, such an addition to your space can help eliminate bad odors, lower utility bills, and alleviate respiratory problems.

Follow Pattern and Theme

Interior designers understand the power of definite patterns and features. Sometimes, such an illusion is easy to create using furnishings such as wallpapers and draping. Ensure that the pattern you select is actually to draw attention to anyone that looks at it. Patterns may include vertical, horizontal, and sometimes a mix of different lines as long as there is a definite pattern. 

Such lines give the image a clear picture and can make it look wider, smaller, or form a specific pattern like a diagonal or zigzag, depending on what you are going for. Besides this, it helps to go for patterns that also work well with your furniture. Note that specific wall patterns do not work with tall or short patterns. 

Look at the Form

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When considering form, the most crucial aspect to focus on is the shape. Shape plays a significant role since it determines most of the touches on the decor pieces you select. Consider the shape of the room, furniture, and other décor pieces used throughout the room. You can create a theme based on the shape of the items you are working with. For instance, the angles in your home may determine the nature of the décor pieces you select. The idea is to have everything fit in seamlessly. Any awkwardness may portray a different picture than you intend to. 

Lighting is Key

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Professional interior designers will ensure they factor in the lighting aspect. This is a big deal since it makes a difference when there is natural lighting coming into space. Apart from brightening the space, the natural lighting helps minimize the number of artificial lights you need to install. 

What’s more, the lighting may also determine the kind of drapery you choose for your house. Artificial illumination may have its spark, but natural lighting will always carry the day no matter how limited it is. Designers can leverage natural lighting and create an illusion that is difficult to achieve with artificial lighting.

On the other hand, you can always play around with artificial lighting. Choose different colors and brightness levels depending on the mood you intend to create. Such lighting can be used for varied rooms in the house to enhance their appearance. However, one must be careful when choosing lights because the wrong decision could lead to false impressions. After all, most of the unique artificial lighting is not cheap to come by; hence should be bought only when one is sure of how they want to use them.

Color works magic

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Anyone who has worked in interior design and décor will undoubtedly understand that color is key to transforming a space. What looked like a dull and boring space can easily seem vibrant and energetic by a simple color change. The colors you choose should complement the rooms you use them in. 

For instance, a bedroom may not have the same color tones as a kitchen or living area. In some cases, the room owner may also determine which color goes on their room’s wall. A good example would be when a girl’s room is painted bright pink, and a boy’s room takes a calm blue tone. Sometimes color choices are simply a matter of preferences, and whatever you want would work as long as you combine it appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Numerous factors come into play when working on home décor. Besides space and color, you may also want to factor in other details such as texture because how something looks and feels should not be too different. The bottom line is to find a theme and décor style that appeals to you and attracts those you invite. After all, everyone wants to make a statement and compliment them for excellent décor style and exceptional or refined taste.