4 Things To Look Out for When Buying All-Natural Products

4 Things To Look Out for When Buying All-Natural Products

4 Things To Look Out for When Buying All-Natural Products

When you see natural ingredients listed on a label, you may automatically assume the product is safe. Unfortunately, in several instances, this is a marketing strategy to get unsuspecting consumers to buy a product. Read about four things to look out for when buying a product deemed natural. 

  1. Don't Assume Natural Equals Safe

Many supplements, essential oils and foods throw naturally in their advertising to draw people in. With the all-natural designation, consumers trust that the item is good for them, which can lead people to skip doing their research. However, even plants that grow in the wild can cause serious illness or even death.

Essential oils are a popular item on the market. With their wide use, many people consume them without thinking twice about their contents. However, it is also important to know what ingredients are in essential oils. Learn more about a recent essential oil recall at DoTerra.

Additionally, there is confusion over natural versus organic labeling, with consumers thinking these terms are synonymous. The difference lies in the fact that strict standards and practices are required before organic labeling is given. On the other hand, rigorous standards and practices are not required for natural labeling.

  1. Look Out for Quick and Easy Fixes

Anything that touts its ability to quickly cure people of a serious disease or provide instant weight loss benefits is a reason to be suspicious. These quick fixes can be especially enticing for the seriously ill or caretakers of sick family members. 

With desperation as their guide and the failure of traditional medicines, they forget to question this alluring advertising. It is very comforting to hear that an all-natural supplement can cure a life-threatening disease, such as cancer or diabetes. 

Those desperate to lose weight are also susceptible to promises of instant results. With the difficulty of some to lose and keep weight off, it is no surprise that people look to easy and quick methods. But, the reality is that losing and keeping weight off takes time and effort.

  1. Be Wary of Personal Testimonies

Hearing a personal testimony on the positive benefits adds a personal and relatable touch. Many of these testimonials are not grounded in any type of scientific evidence or research. 

With these testimonies, there is a good chance a paid actor is reading from a script, or the testimony is given by someone with second hand knowledge of the product. Without solid studies, there is no way to know if the remedy helped the person or if their recovery is attributed to a prescribed medication or remission of an illness. 

  1. Watch Out for Ancient and Breakthrough Treatments 

Other types of advertising draw people in by claiming a treatment has been used for hundreds of years or is an exciting new breakthrough. Advertisers sneakily reel in consumers by creating an interesting and exciting narrative. Consumers believe that they have discovered something that not only will make them feel better but will provide them with an interesting story to share with friends and family. 

The idea of receiving an innovative treatment also sparks a lot of hope and excitement in someone looking for alternative medicines. Unfortunately, anything that is a legit breakthrough in medicine is likely already well known and available to the public. 


Many times, those desperate to find cures or lose weight skip researching new fads and products. However, it is highly important that people be alert to makers who flaunt an all-natural label with claims of being a quick fix or a breakthrough remedy. Being an educated and thoughtful consumer protects you and the ones you love from dangerous products and personal disappointment.