4 Creative Corporate T-Shirt Ideas | Tips & Inspiration

4 Creative Corporate T-Shirt Ideas | Tips & Inspiration

4 Creative Corporate T-Shirt Ideas | Tips & Inspiration

Branding is vital in any company, and for years now, corporate companies have always made sure to have a t-shirt that represents what they are and offers to the world. It is now more than a tradition to have your custom t-shirts no matter the size of your company. Designing corporate t-shirts can be a process but the results can be beneficial to a company.

Here are some corporate t-shirt design ideas you can try to get attention anytime you wear them to represent a company.

1. Multiple Design Structure

First of all, you need to decide on the overall design of your t-shirt. Some of the t-shirt styles to use include V-neck, short-sleeved, crop tops, long-sleeved, and polo, among others. You can find out from your employees the types of t-shirts they prefer and make the most like to wear. It might also be able to mix up to two kinds of designs so that you can accommodate everyone.

A long-sleeved t-shirt design can give you a lot of flexibility since you can make prints about your company on the sleeves. It is even possible to add a pocket and have it designed like the logo of your company. The design should be able to represent your corporate presence very well. T-Shirt Express Ohio offers various services like customized t-shirt printing, do check them out.

2. Color Graded T-shirts

It will be a good idea to consider incorporating your company's corporate colours into your t-shirt design. It doesn't always have to be one colour, but it can be designed to accommodate different colours. Think about having the sleeves a different colour from the rest of the t-shirt. You can mess around with the hues and shades of your corporate colours to bring out the brand well enough to convey a message to the public.

Have more than one option when brainstorming colour ideas. After deciding on one, stick to it and make the necessary changes to get your t-shirt ready to be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone when outside. As long as the colours work well with each other, you can never go wrong with this t-shirt idea for your next project.

3. Typography in T-shirt

A creative way to create a corporate t-shirt for marketing and other reasons is to consider just placing some writing on it. The type of typography you place will represent your company and the message you want to show to the markets.

Reliability has to be part of the consideration so that people can read it well without straining. You can always choose a visually stunning font through the use of a recognized font or even a new one as long as it is easy to reach from a reasonable distance. T-shirts with traditional looks can use serif fonts, but if you want a more modern look, the sans-serif is a great option. In addition to being items that people wear or use every day, promotional materials can be made in-house with supplies from sites like Ecofreen.

4. Graphic-filled Tshirts

You can always go all the way and create a corporate t-shirt full of graphics that are very appealing to the eye. You can choose images that have played a part in the company's development and print them on the front side.


Remember to take time to get the ideas of your t-shirt design to get the best results. The more deliberate the idea is, the better it will look for the company. The Tshirt Mill, a custom t-shirt printing shop in Perth, Australia has a huge range of superior quality products that will suit your need is a reasonable consideration.

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