3 Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Wallet for Men

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Wallet for Men

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Wallet for Men

If you're a man who doesn't know much about fashion, the type of wallet you carry could be one of your worst enemies. A poorly chosen wallet can ruin an otherwise great outfit and rob you of some valuable space in your pockets.

The Hentley wallet is the best because that can meet all of your needs while also improving your overall appearance. But, how do you find out which one will work best? Read on to learn the three steps you need to take to make an informed purchase decision.

How to Choose the Best Type of Wallet for Men

While choosing the best type of wallet for men, you must put the following factors into consideration;

What is Your Favorite Style

There are numerous styles of wallets to choose from;


The most popular type of wallet is bifold which is easily available at Equality Wallets online store.

Compact yet stylish, it has an open pocket for your money and slots to hold receipts or ID cards too! The slim profile makes this one easy to tuck into any back pockets you have on hand.

Tri-fold wallets :

A tri-fold is similar to a bi-fold, only that it has an additional side/flap so that it can fold twice. It can therefore accommodate more items.

Money clip wallets:

You'll be stylish and organized with a money clip wallet where you can store your cash, credit card, or IDs. These wallets keep your valuables safe from thieves when you're on the go as they are very  functional and practical. You can find various money clip wallets in the collections of CL Carbonlife, FIDELO and Karakoram2 that will, for sure,  fit any style. The money clip wallets of Karakoram2 are slim, though they have a lot of space. They have card slots that enable you to keep extra cards and cash as well. 

Credit cardholders:

Thanks to credit cardholders, you never have to worry about your cards breaking or bending. This type of wallet keeps them safe and prevents any damages that may occur from sitting in a back jeans pocket for hours. They also make your cards easy to access, preventing them from getting lost in the bottom of an overstuffed handbag.

Coin wallets:

Coin wallets are a nifty way to store all your change in one place. They're advantageous because they can reduce the number of loose coins rolling around at home and make it easier for you to always find what you need when out on errands. Plus, most coin wallets come with an extra snap-on pouch that's perfect for storing receipts or coupons.

Travel wallets:

Next time you are traveling, don't leave without a travel wallet. The roomy and durable leather case has slots for IDs, driving licenses, your traveling credit cards, passports, and of course, a pen slot. So pack up the essentials when you head out on an international adventure with this travel companion that will help to make sure all those pesky forms are in order.

With all those other important documents like boarding passes or hotel vouchers in one place, it's so much easier than digging through your pockets every time someone asks for ID.

Consider the Size: Do You Prefer a Slim or a Large Wallet? 

When buying a new wallet, size matters. Do you like bulky ones with plenty of space? Or do small-sized wallets suit your needs better? 

Of course, when considering what kind of purse suits an individual best, personal preferences play a huge role. But that doesn't mean big people should automatically buy larger wallets just because they need more storage capacity than smaller-sized ones could offer.

When determining the size, consider what you need to put inside the wallet. Do you want cash and credit cards only or something that could also fit your car keys?

Large and bulky wallets will weigh you down and bulge out of your pockets, while slimmer wallets won’t carry more than cash and credit cards. 

Does the Material Matter to You?

The most common types of materials used to make wallets are;

  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Nylon
  • Denim
  • Aluminum

Leather is the most common material for wallets. It's durable and easily cleaned with a leather conditioner, but it does require care because suede can be scratched if metal objects are inserted into it. 

Fabric has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its versatility but doesn't hold up as well against wear and tear over time.

Nylon wallets are good if you want something that will hold up really well but still look stylish with its sleek design. 

Aluminum wallets offer durability along with convenient features such as RFID blocking technology which protects cards from being scanned remotely without authorization. 


And finally, denim wallets allow users to carry cash inside while also storing credit card information in their outside slots. Perfect for those on-the-go days when all they need are essentials. However, it may show signs of damage sooner than some other materials commonly used for making wallets.