Yeezy vs Jordan: Battle of the Brands

One will go down in history as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and the other is an innovator in the entertainment industry. One thing that can be said about Michael Jordan and Kayne West is that they've created shoe brands that people love to own.

In the battle of Yeezy vs. Jordan, who comes out on top? Check out our comparison of the kick brands and decide for yourself.

Battle of Appearances

When you approach this contest from an appearance standpoint, there is something that can be said for both brands. Yeezy sneakers are much like their creator, a piece that standouts no matter where you are.

West has created a line of identifiable shoes because they are meant to be show-stopping pieces. When you look at the best Jordan's, it's understood that they will always have that classic look and be meant for comfort.

Overall, that's something that has kept the Jordan brand at the top of various best sneakers lists because the design doesn't stray too far from the original concept.

Created with Comfort in Mind

Another thought to keep in mind when deciding between the best Yeezys and Jordan sneakers is comfort. Because the Jordan brand sticks to a specific design aesthetic, they might not provide the most comfort for everyone that wears them.

But, when you check out the overall design of the Yeezy's, it's giving us dad shoe vibes, which means that the comfort level is going from 0 to 100 real quick. Yeezy has a specific design that implements thick cushioning, making it optimal for anyone who wants their feet to rest inside a cloud or on a pillow.

Their Influence

Are you all about musical entertainment or a sports fan beyond recognition? The answer to this question will dictate which brand you lean more towards.

Kayne West has won several awards and been the topic of conversation for his musical genius and talents. While Kayne's most powerful tool is his voice and a microphone, Jordan says all he has to say while bouncing a basketball.

A force to be reckoned with, Jordan's shoe brand has collaborated with other celebrities to produce Jordan sneakers with a twist. Kayne has created shoe lines that change more than his mood.

Resell Value

If you're looking to purchase shoes and resell them, you're going to approach this battle of the bands differently from someone purchasing the shoes for personal use. The thing about Jordan's is unless it's a special release, there are going to be several in production, reducing their resell value.

But, if you've got one of the original old-school classics, you could be looking at a higher price point. With the Yeezy's, to purchase them isn't going to be cheap, but you could be looking at making a pretty penny on the resell side if you can offload them.

Yeezy vs. Jordan: Who Wins?

In the Yeezy vs. Jordan contest, one thing can be said for both in that they both thrive on competition. Whether you enjoy the classic style of Jordan's or the unique twist that Yeezy's has, everyone has a shoe from each line they might love.

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