Women’s Guide: 5 Ways to Wear a Brown Bomber Jacket Casually

Women’s Guide: 5 Ways to Wear a Brown Bomber Jacket Casually

Women's Guide: 5 Ways to Wear a Brown Bomber Jacket Casually

Women leather jacket were always in fashion but later we started seeing females slaying bomber jackets too. As we know bomber jackets were a piece of military clothing and were designed for men especially but nowadays even women love wearing them as it brings out their style. It is now a really popular piece of clothing amongst women TO It is now a really popular piece of clothing amongst the beautiful women around the world.

Bomber jackets for women can be seen all around the market and you can get your hands on them anywhere as they are so trendy. Girls ought to call it their most go-to piece to wear as it can be styled in a number of ways and can be worn on a number of occasions including casual events, night parties, hangout with friends, or even a stroll down the streets. 

Bomber jackets on girls give an edgy sense of fashion, it is not too girly but is stylish at the same time. You can look chic and grand , once you have the sense of styling your jacket in the right way.

Talking about bomber jackets for women, girls do get confused about styling casually when it comes to brown bomber jackets. Well, not to worry as we have the perfect guide for you. In this article, we are going to let you know how you can wear a brown bomber jacket casually in 5 ways.

Keep it Simple for the Everyday Look 

You should keep your outfit simple for an everyday look, however, an everyday look does not mean that you are not allowed to look sophisticated and classy in what you wear. Throw a look together that says “you”. Pick out your favorite jeans, add a tank top or a tee, slide your sneakers or pumps, add the brown, simplistic bomber jacket on top. However, to make it more attractive wear your favorite pieces of jewelry that maybe can be a necklace or some rings. Let your hair be in its flow or maybe tie them in a high bun, pick out a bright lip color and you are ready to go. 

Casual yet a Chic Look 

If you are born a fashionista then chic looks are your everyday style. However, pulling off a brown bomber jacket does take a bit of effort and you surely would want to pull it off as you are a perfectionist in styling. You can make it look great with your leather brown bomber jacket in winter or fall. If you have an oversized bomber jacket, say no more as we know how to perfectly style it. Take out your cropped high-rise jeans and a simple tee. Wear it all together and add some quirk to this look, put on cat-eyed sunglasses and maybe flaunt red lips. This look is risky and daring but once you put it together and slay it, there is no going back to usual ways of dressing which you call casual. Going to the airport and boarding the plane? Going for a night out? Going out for lunch? Dress this way as this look fits many situations.     

Not Calling it a Date  

Planning to go on a date but you do not want to be fancy and want to keep it casual? Take out your leather brown bomber jacket from your wardrobe and think about all the ways you can style it for a particular day. Well, pair it with high neck crop tops or turtle necks, to go with the bottoms, ripped jeans or mom jeans will tie the whole look together. Wear Doc Martens, wedges, or stilettos and that might sum up your look. On your date, you won’t look overdone and glamour is still going to be your thing.  

Funky and Casual

Girls tend to have fun with their looks, play around and pick out a funky look that is both casual and stylish at the same time. Funky looks are known to be a bit both, sweet and spicy which helps in highlighting what you are wearing. Wear bright colors, maybe a long sleeve top, baggy pants, and complete your look with a brown bomber jacket. You can also wear a vibrant long skirt and add a brown bomber jacket on top. The whole look will not be completely out of this world but bright colors topped off with subtle brown and blacks always work fabulously. Use colorful scrunchies, headbands, and clips to tie your hair, or maybe go for silk ribbons in animal prints, it surely is a bit different but is a cherry on top of your funky style. 

Summer Styled Brown Bomber Jackets 

Thinking about warm summers, you would never opt-out of a bomber jacket. However, if you are having a windy autumn or a cool winter, you can surely tweak it here and there to make it work. For this special yet casual look, you should go for shorts or mini skirts, crop tops and finish it off with a faux leather brown bomber jacket. Wear wedges or flats to make your look edgier and to accessorize it, put on a hat or some hot sunglasses. You are ready to go to a luncheon, a trip, or even a date.   


Exploring different looks is all about exploring your fashion sense and what suits you best. As we talked about casual, one should know that casual doesn’t need to be boring. Wear something that stands out and is comfortable at the same time. Don’t always style your jackets, shoes, or jeans in the same way again and again. Look out for more ways to style a single piece of clothing that looks different every time you wear it. 

You should experiment with yourself and your looks as you never know what starts to look good on you. Change your color scheme and fabrics, do not set boundaries for yourself when you style a new look. Brown bomber jackets are not boring, just style them with something that makes you look ravishing.