Why LCO Method is the Best Method for Your Low Porosity Hair

Why LCO Method is the Best Method for Your Low Porosity Hair

Why LCO Method is the Best Method for Your Low Porosity Hair

High hair porosity is the worst thing your hair can experience. It creeps up on you until one day it becomes obvious. Your hair lost quality, and it seems you are unable to help it at all. That is, at least, if you are unaware of how to perform a hair routine. 

For example, you can try the LCO method for low porosity hair. It is a simple solution for high hair porosity problems. 

But, to understand how it works and why it works, you need to learn about low porosity hair.  

High Porosity Hair 

High porosity hair is the type of hair that lacks moisture. The ability to retain moisture is necessary for the excellent look of the hair. When your hair lacks moisture, it can’t sustain a shape for a long time. 

Aside from that, low porosity hair breaks easily and becomes thinner. You could say that high porosity hair affects everything from the look to the health of the hair. The good thing about this situation is that there are many ways to prevent low hair porosity. 

Why Hair Loss Porosity 

The primary reason hair loses porosity is due to the lack of moisture. However, the problem is that there are many reasons why hair loses moisture. 

Hair loses moisture due to the lack of hair routine, low-quality hair products, and chemical treatments. To put it under a single term, you could say that lack of hair care is the reason behind lack of moisture. 

Even if it seems counterintuitive, most women lack the knowledge and experience to style and care for their care. 

Women are unaware of what damages their hair, destroying it in the process of getting a look they desire. 

Lack of Hair Routine 

First, you want to look at your hair routine. Hair routine refers to the process where you apply products to improve the quality of your hair. A hair routine consists of several parts, usually pre-shower, shower, and post-shower routine. 

Most women use a pre-shower and shower routine. In these processes, you apply the products before washing your hair. Then, you apply another set of products during the shower and rinse it all out. 

The reason for this is to allow your hair to feed on nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Your hair needs all these ingredients to battle hair porosity. 

Bad Hair Products 

However, the problem with the hair routine is that you can use low-quality hair products. The problem with these products isn’t in the lack of effect. It is that low-quality hair products damage your hair when you use them. 

There are a bunch of hair products with the label “natural” on them. Instead of consisting of natural ingredients, these products use harmful sulfates. Thus, while you are applying the hair products, you are destroying your hair. 

Knowledge and understanding of the products you use are mandatory for healthy hair. Without that, you may think that you are going natural. Instead, you are on the road of damaged hair and high hair porosity. 

Chemical Treatments 

However, nothing destroys hair as chemical treatments. There are various treatments you can use to style your hair. Yet, dying your hair is the most popular of them all. And, it destroys the hair like nothing else. 

The easiest way to lower the porosity of your hair is to dye it regularly. Each time you dye the hair, it’s like you are decreasing its quality almost permanently. Once you decide to improve the quality of your hair, you have to stop dying. 

Most of all, you have to improve your hair care and fight high hair porosity.

LCO Method 

The LCO method is the simplest way to reduce your hair porosity. LCO stands for liquid, oil, and cream, referring to the order of using those products. The LCO method is highly effective against hair porosity since it employs everything your hair needs for lower porosity. 

The Benefits of the LCO Method 

However, the primary benefit of the LCO method is that anyone can afford this hair routine. Unlike other hair routines, you can perform LCO even with modest finances. And still, get excellent results for your hair. 

Another benefit of the LCO method is that even a beginner in natural hair can follow the hair routine. Apply liquid, cream, and oils in that order to make it work. 

But, the best thing about the LCO method is that it gives you everything a hair with high porosity needs to recover. 

What Hair with High Porosity Needs 

Hair with high porosity needs moisture. Your hair needs to take the moisture in and keep it in the hair. 

The LCO method provides you with that. For example, you get moisture from liquids and creams. Liquids and creams also give you all the nutrients and minerals you need for healthy hair. Then, you add oils to trap the moisture in the hair. 

Once you stop with the chemical treatments and continue with the routine, your hair recovers. The only thing you need is the right hair products. 

Better Hair Routine 

Now, all you have to do is to try it and perfect the routine. Remember to use actual organic and natural hair products, and stick to the hair routine. 

If you follow that routine, your hair is going to recover. The reason for this is the simplicity of the LCO method and affordability as well. So, if you want to recover your hair and get a new look, give LCO a try.

Try LCO Method 

The LCO method is an excellent way to embark on the road of recovery when it comes to your hair. If you are starting, it is the fastest way to enter the world of natural hair. 

Maybe you are still reluctant. If that is the case, you are taking away a chance to change your life for the better.