Which Size Of Tent Should You Go For While Growing Cannabis

Which Size Of Tent Should You Go For While Growing Cannabis

So you can now grow cannabis as a hobbyist. But how to get started? How to set things up? How to use tents while growing cannabis as a hobbyist or an indoor gardener? It would be best if you had a clear goal in mind. It could be a general yield that you’d want to achieve before the next harvest season. Or it could simply depend on the number of plants you want to grow and maintain. Either way, this guide should help you by answering these questions.

Firstly, there are certain things that one should be mindful of, like the number of plants you want to grow. This number then determines the number of grow lights you’ll be using. Further things to keep in mind are the ventilation equipment and accessories and tools such as pumps and reservoirs, soil, nutrients, scissors, tents, etc. The next step is to decide the size and number of tents you’d need to set up.


Are tents necessary?

First of all, the omnipresent dilemma is whether indoor cultivators must opt to grow tents? Many hobbyists would attest to their tents, and rightfully so. They can make a very tidy setup and help in good yield. Tents are good at nurturing plants in an indoor environment. They accommodate humidifiers and other appliances and end up saving energy. They keep out insects and pests such as spider mites, which can damage cannabis plants. Another way tents help in growing cannabis is by creating a consistent environment for the plants to grow. Air filters, humidity, fans, and lights help create and maintain a consistent environment for optimum growth and produce.

Choosing the right size of your grow tent

Choosing the right size of your marijuana grow tent is an essential factor that can make or break a good yield from your indoor gardening endeavors. Before the size comes into the equation, there comes another significant factor too.  You have to determine the material of the tent. Whether you want to go with a PVC or a thick canvas for your grow tent. 


An excellent place to start is by calculating a 2x2 tent for a single plant. It is a good size for a beginner, and with some knowledge of stress training and trimming, you can ensure it fills up nicely within the available space. Of course, many growers opt for 3x3 tents or even larger ones for a single plant and allow it to grow big, but you might want to avoid that. Another vital thing to keep in mind is that you should not let a plant grow too tall; instead, you should be trimming it in such a way that it grows wider. Course, it would ensure a higher yield. You should also not keep your grow room dirty at any point. Also, refrain from bringing any foreign objects inside the tent.  Instead, try to stick to mostly the equipment-only inside the tent rule. That could potentially save your plants from getting pest infestations. 


Similarly, if you want to grow two plants, you should opt for a 3x3 tent at the least and let the plants grow to a moderately good height. Ideally, it would be best to make them grow wider, but a 3x3 tent should suffice. Strictly speaking, a 2x2 tent that holds a single plant is a beginner’s approach, and it has the potential to yield around a few ounces a month, which could be enough for a single person. The biggest drawback is the upgradability of that setup, so we would recommend at least a 3x3 or a 2x4 to be able to reap a substantial amount of what you nurtured.

Things to keep in mind


If you want to go with the most popular ones, then in the US, the two most common sizes for Grow Tents are 2x4 and 4x4. The former is for new hobbyists, while the latter is for more experienced ones. It is at the 4x4 size mark, after which it becomes too large for a single person to manage. A 2x4 sized tent would yield approximately as much as a 3x3 tent. So, anything larger than a 2x2 has a yield of several ounces every month. 

The final thing to keep in mind while buying grow tents for your hobby garden, it can be tempting to opt for the costly, hi-tech tents with all the bells and whistles. But at a time when you do not have much experience with tents and do not know what your setup would require, there is no reason to start with the expensive ones. Buy the simplest ones and upgrade them yourself; it would be a fun little project and help you connect with your garden.

Lastly, after setting up the tent, before turning on the peripherals such as the lights and fans, ensure that everything is secure and has space to breathe. It shouldn’t look clunky. Now you’re ready for some good yield cannabis grown by your own hands. Enjoy!