Wedding Etiquette for Guest 101: How to Act at a Wedding

Wedding Etiquette for Guest 101: How to Act at a Wedding

Wedding Etiquette for Guest 101: How to Act at a Wedding

There were over 1.2 million weddings in 2020 just in the United States, alone! That means that thousands of people attended their first-ever wedding as a guest. 

A lot of planning goes into wedding days and brides and grooms are hoping to have a fantastic, memorable experience. The way their guests behave will go a long way toward making or breaking their day! 

Have you been invited to your first wedding? If so, you're probably looking for some wedding etiquette for guest 101.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about attending a wedding and how to be the perfect guest.

RSVP In a Timely Manner

The couple will need you to RSVP before their plans are finalized. This helps them establish a seating chart, coordinate with caterers, and more. Try to RSVP at least four months before the wedding. 

Make Sure You Have a Plus-One Before You Bring a Date

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing things a wedding guest can do is bring a date when they weren't supposed to. If your save-the-date and invitation don't mention a plus-one, don't assume that it's a given! Ask before you invite an extra mouth to feed. 

Dress Appropriately

Most weddings are formal affairs and guests are expected to show up looking nice. That doesn't mean you need to wear a gown (and please, please never wear a white gown--or a white outfit of any kind). Unless there's a specific dress code to follow, think slacks and a button-down, nice sundresses, pantsuits--basically, your Sunday best.

Buy a Gift For the Happy Couple

Did you know that you're expected to buy a gift for the happy couple? Most couples will set up a registry but it may be limited or out of your price range. Choosing the perfect gift is easy with a little thought and a little research.

Some Bonus Day-Of Tips

What other wedding guest tips should you follow? Make sure that you:

  • Show up on time
  • Respect the seating arrangement
  • Silence your cellphone

You should also remember that the happy couple wants you to have a good time! Dance, drink, and be merry! 

One more thing: weddings can be a little overwhelming for the couple. Everyone in attendance is going to want to talk to them, which means they're going to be spread a little thin. If you don't get to talk to them much, don't take it personally! 

Follow This Wedding Etiquette For Guest Guide and Be a Great Guest

Every year, thousands of guests attend their first-ever wedding. Being a guest doesn't come with as much pressure as being in the wedding, but you should still know what's expected of you. Our guide to wedding etiquette for guest 101 will help you get through it!

Looking for inspiration for your wedding day attire? Take a look around for guides to fashion, hair, makeup, and more. You'll not only be the best-behaved guest at your next wedding--you'll also be the best-dressed!