Ways to make sure antique articles retain their charm

Ways to make sure antique articles retain their charm

Ways to make sure antique articles retain their charm

Home décor is a way of expressing your personality and adding a little bit of you to space. While choosing items to decorate your home, your priority should be to create a space that would make you feel comfortable rather than following trends. For example, if you are looking for a photo frame online, you may want to look at buying something that would look great on your wall rather than what magazines and websites suggest. You should focus on creating a warm ambiance rather than creating picture-perfect spaces. 

It is imperative to choose just the right decorative items to make your vision a reality. The best way to start is by deciding the theme you wish to follow or by deciding the key pieces that you wish to display. The most valuable pieces that you can have are the antiques that you have collected over the years. They are not only valuable because of their price but also because they require constant care and attention. Buying a new antique article from helenstoreyantiques.com is amazing but you have to be committed to maintaining them to ensure they retain their glory. 

Let us look at a few ways to keep your antiques healthy. 

  1. Storage – You spend a lot of time ensuring you pick the right showpiece for home and you should do your best to make it last. Storing antique articles can be tricky and it is important to place them in a temperature-controlled environment. Direct sunlight causes fading and flaking of paint. UV rays can harm antiques and metals can tarnish easily due to oxidation. Whereas, placing them in the dark can be risky as well as dark and damp spaces can promote the growth of mold. The best decision is to let them breathe without exposing them to extreme conditions. 
  2. Daily care – It is easier to ensure the authentic state of articles if you do your bit regularly. A light dusting is recommended with a feather brush. If it is a metal object, you may need to polish it periodically. Ensure you use non-abrasive and non-corrosive chemicals to polish the objects. If you own rugs, carpets, or antiques that have cloth, it is advisable to keep insects at bay. Airing them from time to time can avoid the onset of unpleasant odors. 
  3. Retain the look and feel – Antique articles made with wood may start looking dull and a little worn out. You don’t need to redo the finish to restore it. It is best to use natural products to retain the allure and make they the item is protected. 
  4. Damages – Despite taking utmost care, some items may face challenges or get damaged. Damages don’t necessarily mean the item is rendered useless. Imperfections add to the rich history of the item and make it more valuable. Every imperfection means there is a story to be told for every incident that has occurred. In case you need any of the items to be restored, it is best to do so with the help of a professional. They are trained and can help by using the right way. 

Antiques are articles that have captured generations of stories. Keeping the appeal intact is more than preserving an object, it is about preserving memories.