Types of Hotels in Jakarta-Indonesia

Types of Hotels in Jakarta-Indonesia

Types of Hotels in Jakarta-Indonesia

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is one of its top tourist destination places. The megalopolis city can sometimes feel chaotic and frantic. Still, it is a vibrant and dynamic city with many wonderful places to visit, amazing nightlife, wonderful people, and some of the nation's best hotels.

Despite the large population, the people are welcoming, and the diversity makes it feel more like any other large city. The city's high-rise buildings coupled with colonial buildings help to show visitors both sides of the town. If you are visiting the city for the first time and wondering about the type of hotels to expect, you need not worry because they are as diverse as many other things in Jakarta.

Jakarta Hotel Types

The diversity of Jakarta city extends to the hotels and the type of accommodations you get. The hotels range from simple hostels (Losman) to moderately priced two, three, and four-star hotels. If you are an elite businessperson or traveler, you will also find an amazing luxury hotel, Jakarta five-star accommodation franked among the best in the world.

Some of the things you should consider before choosing the hotel you want to stay on your visit to Jakarta will include facilities, cost, location, reputation, décor, services provided, and of course, your budget. You could also read the overall experiences f past customers from reviews before choosing your venue. The choice of hotels in Jakarta is as follows-

  • One-Star Hotels

Jakarta has many one-star hotels that meet the basic convenience and comfort needs any traveler needs. The hotels are budget-friendly, and many of them are near major attractions and transport facilities. Many one-star hotels do not have on-site restaurants, but they are not far from good eating establishments around the city.

  • Two-Star Hotels

Two-star hotels offer travelers with more enhanced aesthetics as compared to those of one-star hotels. The quality of décor and furnishings is better, while the property grounds have more to offer, such as playgrounds for kids. 

Some of them also provide on-site restaurants without the luxury of room service offered by more elite facilities.  They are budget-friendly and popular with lower to middle-class Indonesians and local tour agencies.

  • Three-Star Hotels

Three-star hotels offer visitors the more formal service style that comes with additional facilities, amenities, and features. They also provide mid-scale comfort and convenience with spacious guest rooms and public areas. Moreover, a three-star hotel has a receptionist at the service desk and staff attending to the guests' needs and requests. 

Unlike the one and two-star hotels, three-star hotels have a noticeable upgrade in décor, class, style, property grounds, and quality of the furnishings. Furthermore, they also offer room service though it varies from one hotel to the next, and they serve breakfast, lunch, and supper. 

Many of them may not have English-speaking staff, but you could be lucky to get one with a pool, valet parking, and a fitness center. The quality provided for these amenities might be top quality.

  • Four-Star Hotels 

Four-star hotels are superior facilities that offer their visitors high levels of quality, service, and hospitality. Moreover, they have a wider variety of amenities and other upscale facilities that include landscaped lush grounds, stylish room décor, impeccable restaurant facilities, and well-integrated room designs. 

The customers' convenience and comfort is a major concern for the staff in these facilities, and you will find a good number of them that communicate flawlessly in English. Lastly, accommodation in four-star hotels does not come cheap.

  • Five-Star Hotels

Luxury hotel Jakarta Five-star facilities are the epitome of exceptional comfort, a high degree of hospitality, and service. Their luxurious first-class services include state-of-the-art sports and gym facilities, pools, business centers, conference and banquet rooms, beauty salons, shops selling different luxurious items, and large playgrounds. 

Moreover, they also boast exceptional room décor with original designs, meticulous green gardens with well-kept flowerbeds, an on-site restaurant, different international cuisine, and doting staff. Many of the most popular lounges, discos, and restaurants are within reach of the city's best five-star hotels.

Wrapping it up

Finding a good hotel in Jakarta is easy as the city has many spread across all around. The choices are many allowing you to go with what fits your budget. If you are visiting Jakarta for the first time and do not know your way around, you can seek help from the many travel agencies spread across the city.