Top 5 Big Benefits of Using a Beard Comb

Top 5 Big Benefits of Using a Beard Comb

Top 5 Big Benefits of Using a Beard Comb

Have you ever tried to grow a long beard, but found it too unruly to maintain? Maybe you tried it out, but your beard got thin and scraggly as it grew longer.

How do other men do it? Well, there is one big secret. They use a beard comb to detangle and clean their beards every single day to keep them long, full, and healthy.

You may be thinking, “I don’t want a super long beard. I’m happy with the length of my facial hair! Why use a beard comb?”

Anyone with a beard can benefit from combing it. Here are five impressive beard comb benefits!

1. Styling and Shaping

If you want your beard to look its best, you need to comb it and style it every day. You can even use some beard oil to shape the hairs to your liking. The more often you comb your beard, the more it will begin to follow the comb’s direction.

When you have a longer beard, you definitely want to comb your beard at least once per day. That way it doesn’t become a huge puffy mess or become tangled and unruly. People with distinct shapes and facial hairstyles must comb their beards into shape each morning so it doesn’t become limp, droopy, or untamed.

When you comb your beard every day, you’ll end up with a fuller beard. That’s because the combing motion, over time, changes the position of your hair growth and makes room for more hair to grow.

2. Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are a huge pain.

At best, they’re irritating and make your beard a little patchy. At worst, they cause acne, scarring, and painful spots. If you have a beard, chances are you’ve dealt with a nasty ingrown hair or two in your time. If it’s become unbearable, you may want to invest in a beard comb.

Ingrown hairs are essentially hairs that grew in the wrong direction: back into your skin.

When you comb your beard every day, you make sure that each of your individual hairs is pointing outwards. Over time, your hair will grow in the direction you guide it in every day with your beard comb.

3. Keeps It Clean

If you care about staying healthy, you must prioritize grooming and cleaning your beard. It’s the perfect trap for crumbs and food particles after a good meal.

Simply washing your beard in the shower won’t cut it. You need to dislodge all that debris from your last snack before you can wash your beard. That means taking a comb to it to brush out all of the crumbs.

When you style your beard, make sure to brush away from your mouth. That will train your beard hair to grow in the opposite direction of your mouth. This way, your beard isn’t constantly in your way when you try to eat!

4. Essential For Moisturizing

If you’re dedicated to keeping your beard happy and healthy, you’ve got to invest in some high-quality beard oil, balm, or moisturizer.

It keeps your hair smooth and reduces tangles and hair damage. It also helps you style your beard because it keeps the unruly hairs in line. Beard moisturizers even help to keep the skin under your beard from becoming dry and irritated.

Beard combs are the perfect tool to evenly moisturizing your beard. If you try to moisturize your beard without a comb, some parts of your beard will have big clumps of oil, and others won’t have any. That uneven distribution won’t help keep your beard in shape.

That’s why you need to comb the beard balm through the hairs. They will evenly coat each section of your facial hair.

5. Prevents Tangling and Damage

Growing a full, long beard is hard work. If you’ve ever had a long beard, you know that it can tangle easily and is difficult to maintain. It becomes wild and unruly in an instant. Maybe you grew a long beard to find that the longer it grew, the more feeble and wispy it became.

One of the benefits of a beard comb is that it can prevent tangling and damage to your beard. When you comb your beard, you push each hair in one direction so they are less likely to intertwine with one another.

If your beard is less likely to become tangled, it is also less likely to suffer from damage. Tangled hair leads to tearing, which can cause some thin patches to form. If you want a full, thick, long beard, you must make sure to comb it every day.

Selecting a Beard Comb

Now that you know you need to try using a beard comb to keep your facial hair healthy and looking fresh, you need to choose the best beard comb for your face.

One example of a versatile wood comb is this Mad Viking beard comb collection. One of these combs is handmade from sandalwood, which is the perfect material for preventing hair breakage and damage while also spreading your beard oil perfectly throughout your facial hair.

It’s double-sided, so you can use the fine teeth to style your beard and the wider teeth for cleaning and deeper combing.

Keep Your Beard Fresh

If you want your beard to be more stylish, healthy, or full, you need to buy a beard comb. They’re the perfect tool to keep your facial hair fresh and to keep looking good.

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