The Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal Technique Is an Efficient And Safe Method

The Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal Technique Is an Efficient And Safe Method

The Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal Technique Is an Efficient And Safe Method 

People get tattoos for various reasons like to celebrate any memorable event, or as a way of self expression. The demand for getting a tattoo done has risen in past years and so has the demand for tattoo removal. People removes their tattoo as they feel that their personality has changes since it was done, or they want a new tattoo. This process of tattoo removal has been undertaken earlier with surgery, then laser treatments which all left behind a scar at the place of tattoo. The best option for tattoo removal is going for Q switch laser tattoo removal. It is a safe, effective, painless and hygienic process that removes tattoo and keeps the skin soft and blemish-free. 

What Is Q Switch Laser And Why Is It Used For Tattoo Removal 

Q Switch laser is a method of tattoo removal which can return the skin to its normal appearance, who wants to remove their tattoo. It includes a soft beam of light that is also very effective for hair removal. But it now has applications in removing colored tattoos also. The Q switch laser tattoo removal method specifically targets the ink or pigmentation mark without any effect on the surrounding skin.

Nowadays the Q switch laser tattoo removal is used widely as this is the only technology which can penetrate till the dermis level and shatter the tattoo ink. This is naturally absorbed by the body and is flushed out naturally. This is a safe method as it works on a wide range of ink color and skin types, with out causing any damage to skin and scarring. 

Types Of Q Switch Laser Treatment  

There are several types of Q switched laser tattoo removal treatment differentiated based on crystal rods used in it. The crystal rods help in production of laser beams of different wavelengths. Different colors of tattoos require laser beams of different wavelengths to shatter them. Depending on the color different Q switch laser are 

    • Q Switched Nd: This is preferred for its effectiveness on wide range of tattoo ink removal.
    • Ruby Laser: This is preferred for its ability to remove some unique colors like lime green and specific shades of blue
  • Alexandrite laser: This is used in wide number of requirements apart from tattoo removal, like treating brown spots, melasma, sunspots etc. This is mainly required for removing black tattoo ink and other unique tattoo colors like sky blue and specific types of green shades.

When a person wants to remove a tattoo, he would want it to go completely, and Q Switch laser tattoo removal technique can do it the best. After the tattoo gets removed, sometimes some forms of cryogenic masks are also applied to the skin to make it soft. The laser handpiece should also be glided very carefully. 

One who wants to get the ink removed should understand that it is not a one-time process. Most of the times the removal of tattoos requires multiple sessions. When one opts for Q Switch Laser Tattoo removal technique which is a fast and best way to bid goodbye to the bad ink

The intense beam of light when focused on the tattooed area, it shatters the color in small fragments, which is then cleaned by body’s immune system. This process takes time, so one needs to be patient to complete the whole process. There might be slight itching or burning sensation in the affected area, but it does not last long. 

Amongst other laser techniques, the Q switch laser tattoo removal is recommended owing to its minimum contact with skin as compared to other methods thereby minimizing the chance of damaging surrounding tissues. One should always discuss the risks and benefits of the process before opting for it.