The Complete Guide to Eyebrow Threading

The Complete Guide to Eyebrow Threading

The Complete Guide to Eyebrow Threading

When you're feeling lazy and don't want to put on makeup, simply shaping your brows can instantly lift your face. 

Now, if you're not sure which brow shape goes well with your face shape, remember: go the opposite way. That means, for example, if you have a long face, consider elongated brows. By choosing a brow shape opposite to your face show, you'll create a more balanced look, and can even make it seem like you've had a brow lift.

Of course, if you'd rather not touch your eyebrows and prefer a professional to shape them, you have options. You can try waxing, plucking, and eyebrow threading. 

Speaking of eyebrow threading, did you know that it's one of the gentlest types of hair removal? To learn more about threading, read on.

First, What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Unlike plucking, which requires tweezers, or waxing, which uses cloth strips and warm wax, threading involves rolling twisted cotton or polyester over unwanted hairs. 

It's said to have originated in India and been practiced in Asia and the Middle East for centuries. The best eyebrow threading artists work fast, making sure follicles separate cleanly from their pores without damaging the skin. 

As such, if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you might want to go for threading to shape your brows. However, keep in mind that as gentle as eyebrow threading is (compared to plucking or waxing), it can still cause some redness, especially if you have extra-sensitive skin. 

To enhance the overall aesthetic look of your eyebrows, combining eyebrow threading with other techniques like brow lamination can bring exceptional results. Brow lamination, which involves straightening and setting eyebrow hairs, complements the effect achieved through threading, resulting in a polished and well-defined look. The synergy of these methods can create a more lasting effect, as brow lamination products contribute to the longevity and resilience of the desired shape. When threading is coupled with lamination, the combined approach not only ensures clean and precise hair removal but also promotes a smoother, more sculpted appearance. Want to wake up with perfect brows every day?

What to Expect From Threading

It's essential to let your brows be in their most natural condition to get great results from eyebrow threading. Even if it's been a while since you've last plucked, shaved, or waxed them, just leave them be before your threading session.

Now, if you're prone to dryness, it's a good idea to exfoliate your brows the night before your appointment. It also helps to skip the makeup as it might smudge during threading.

The process shouldn't go over 10 minutes. That doesn't include the consultation where you'll talk to the artist about your preferred brow shape. For more information on what to expect, you can check out this eyebrow threading first time guide. 

Is Eyebrow Threading Better Than Other Hair Removal Methods?

For those who want to tame their bushy brows, threading is worth a try. Although it's not as convenient as plucking, it's an excellent brow shaping method that allows you to have gorgeous brows for at least two weeks.

If your hair doesn't grow fast, threaded brows can last for more than a month. The costs are also comparable to waxing, but of course, it's best to find an experienced artist who knows unique eyebrow threading techniques (e.g., figure eight, shoulder technique, etc.) in addition to providing proper aftercare advice.

May Your Brow Game Be Strong

Now that you know more about eyebrow threading, are you ready to try it?

If you still have questions about threading, there are tons of resources online. You can also check other brow shaping methods to know which one suits you best.

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