Stylish On Trend Fashion Ideas You Can Create Yourself

Historically, fashion has been one of the biggest indicators of our humanity. It's also indicative of societal trends as a whole. Fashion is a major clue to future generations as to social, economic, political, personal, and celebrity trends that were occurring at the time.

For instance, take the Great Depression. Fashion ideas during those decades were sparse and lacking luxury. Twenty years ago, Edwardian fashion was still the rage. After a world war, a flu pandemic, the Roaring Twenties, and a stock market crash, fashion was irreversibly changed. 

We would never revert to the same extravagant Edwardian styles dictated by gloves, hats, floor-length dresses, and layers of petticoats when dressing up. The same thing is true for the modern day.

After the pandemic and a year of staying at home, fashion is at once nostalgic and extravagant. Neon colors and skin-baring styles are all the rage. We've assembled a guide to help you come up with some great fashion ideas of your own, so keep reading!

Fashion Ideas 

There are multiple factors colliding in 2021 to create the perfect storm in the fashion world. After over a year of repression and lounging styles, fashion designers are more than making up for it.

However, social justice causes are also front and center. That means consumers are rejecting fast fashion if they can afford it. That factor, paired with an excess of free time during quarantine, has many people DIY-ing their fashion choices.

One trend that's in right now is the crop top. To find your perfect crop top, consider the shirts that are already in your closet. Loose cotton material is usually best for this type of DIY project. 

See if there are any designs on the shirt of your choice. If the graphic goes down to the bottom of the tee, cutting part of it off will look odd.

After you crop the tee to your desired length, it's time to add some cool details to the edge. Depending on the type of material, your DIY crop will likely begin to fray after a few passes through the washer. 

Learning to Embroider

This is a great time to start dabbling in embroidery. This easy hobby will allow you to hem off the crop top, but also to add some visual interest with embroidery details.

Embroidery is also a fun way to add some details to clothing that is otherwise plain. As far as DIY projects go, it's a relatively minor investment. You'll need an embroidery hoop, thread, a needle, and scissors. 

Depending on the look you want, take some time to compare types of thread. Cotton embroidery floss will produce a vintage heirloom look. Brazilian embroidery floss will give a shiny, glam vibe to your items.

You don't have to have great embroidery skills to add a cool touch. Instead, consider adding a smiley face or a short phrase to the pocket of a T-shirt. It's a great way to showcase your skills and make your style more unique!

Dye Some Clothing 

One of the most popular fashion ideas these days is bright clothing. Neon shades are in right now, thanks to bold Gen Z stars like Billie Eilish. 

Take a look at your wardrobe and see what clothing you'd like to experiment with. White or beige cotton items are the best to experiment with. Once you've found what you'd like to use, make sure the clothing is clean and dry. 

After you're done dying, make sure to do a test run in your washer. That way, you won't ruin any other clothing if it leaches onto other items!

Paint Your Shoes 

Want to add a pop of color to your outfit? Make your shoes the most unique part of your day. 

Popular fashion advice dictates that neutrals are the easiest to pair with the most outfits. For instance, a pair of white sneakers go with everything. But these days, fashion outfit ideas embrace riotous collisions of color. 

There's no need to be afraid of clashing colors or patterns anymore! Invest in some fabric paint and you'll be well on your way. Start by pulling the laces out of your shoes and setting them aside. 

Then, make sure your shoes are clean and dry. You may want to put masking tape on the parts of the shoe you don't want to paint. 

After that, feel free to let your creativity lead the way! Embrace any mistakes as part of the process of making a shoe unique to you.

Cut Some Fringe 

If you loved the best fashion tips of the early 2000s, this tip is for you! Start by assessing the quality of the material. 

Is it likely to fray and disintegrate in the washer after a few trips through? Picking materials like suede or velvet are your best bet. Once you've picked your item, measure with washable chalk. 

This will help keep the fringes similar to each other. Try to keep the fringes from getting too long, so that the clothing will hold up in the washer and dryer.

Personalized Memorial Shirts 

Personalized memorial shirts are a great way to remember loved ones. You can transfer images onto shirts easily with transfer paper. 

Start by taking one of your favorite pictures and printing it. Then, you can iron it onto your tee using transfer paper. When doing this, though, it's important to remember the laws of contrast. 

If your image is light-colored, make sure to iron it onto a darker shirt, and vice versa. You also need to flip the image before you print it. That way, you'll avoid the backward mirror image effect.n 

Avoid using polyester or acrylic fabrics, too. The heat from the iron can melt them, which is why you should use cotton.

DIY Fashion Ideas 

When it comes down to the best clothing ideas, from embroidery to personalized memorial shirts, the sky is your limit. In fact, personalizing your fashion ideas is an art form and a hobby all on its own.

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