Points To Keep In Mind When Buying Wedding Bands Online

Congratulations on finding the love of your life. Just like engagement, a wedding is the most beautiful and special day of your life. The wedding ceremony unfolds the new beginning of your unique love story. 

The time before your wedding is one of the most overwhelming periods. You are packed with the excitement of your wedding, relishing in the glow of your impending marriage and, of course, planning about the wedding day. 

While choosing your wedding destination, cake and the special dress are a fun filled experience, shopping for the wedding bands always has a special space in every couple’s heart. 

But with various wedding ring options available, how do you choose the perfect pair to capture the essence of your distinctive love?

You’ve just landed at the right place. We’ve prepared a guide for you to pick the best wedding bands for the special ceremony. 

Love Rocks NY, a quality online diamond store is passionate about precious craftsmanship and strongly believes in celebrating every love story with their collection of gender-neutral rings. 

Let’s get started!

How To Buy Wedding Bands Online?

Decide Your Budget

Before you decide on your style or preference, it is best to sort your budget first. This helps you to narrow down your choices. You can spend as less or as extravagantly on your wedding bands as you want. And you don’t definitely need to drain your finances for buying the wedding rings.  

You need to attain a harmonious balance between the budget you’re comfortable with and a ring that you’ll cherish throughout your lifetime. To find the most affordable options buy wedding bands online

Online stores host a vast catalog of wedding band designs that suits everyone’s budget and preference. You can always go for customized options. And it’s not as extravagantly expensive as you think. 

Matching Vs. Non-Matching Wedding Bands

The next important thing you need to consider is whether or not you want a matching couple wedding band set. 

Do you want the exact same wedding bands for you and your partner? Or you’re looking for a similar design with a different style (a more masculine or feminine touch)? Or you want you and your partner to have uniquely different rings to represent independent personal choice? 

Now is the right time to know the answers! Choose the ones that you feel right for you and your partner. 

At Love Rocks NY, none of the rings are prefabricated or mass-produced. Each ring is custom-made by experienced artisans. 

Select The Precious Metal For Your Band

Now that you’ve decided your budget and styling preference, it’s time to decide what type of metal you want for your wedding bands

The most common wedding band metal is platinum and gold. And by gold, your option is not limited to yellow gold. You can explore various other options, including white gold and rose gold. 

Rose gold has emerged as the modern metal of choice for many couples. White gold, on the other hand, has a striking resemblance with platinum and imbues classic sophistication to any wedding band. 

Platinum is the most premium, robust and hypoallergenic metal for crafting wedding bands. It is one of the toughest metals and suits every lifestyle. 

With Vs. Without Stones Wedding Bands

Once you’ve decided on the metal of your wedding bands, let move to the stone setting. Gemstones and diamonds are no secret for engagement rings. It’s now a common choice for wedding rings as well. 

You’ve three options for the diamond setting you can get on your wedding bands

  • No diamonds
  • Single diamond setting
  • Multiple diamond setting

Metal Only Wedding Bands

With no diamond bands, you can go for the timeless plain wedding bands, or you can select bands with textures like honeycombs, brick-patterned, etc. Popular plain metal styles include mens 14k gold wedding bands, sterling silver wedding bands, and even solid titanium or tungsten bands.

Single-Diamond Wedding Bands 

Wedding rings crafted with a single diamond have a separate design that the generic solitaire engagement rings. While engagement rings are designed with the solitaire sitting on the metal prongs, wedding bands have a single diamond nested inside the metal band or held together using a tension setting.  

Diamond Multi-Setting Wedding Bands

For bands with multiple diamond settings, you can go for the classic eternity designs, semi-alliance style, or a little row of diamonds. 

Buy wedding bands online to experience the most versatile and affordable options. You can go for simple classic beauties, elegant modern designs, vintage styles, or charismatic diamond-studded dainties.

Consider Your Lifestyle Choices

Think about your day-to-day lifestyle before making the final purchase. Certain metals suit the lifestyle of different people better. Do you have an active lifestyle? Or does your work involve using your hands extensively? In such cases, you might want to get extra durable, lightweight rings.  

Any precious metal setting, even with 14K white gold, offers durability. However, so if you’re unsure of maintaining the diamonds, you can always go for a nested small single-diamond setting or plain wedding bands. Try rounded edges for a comfortable fit. 

Committing to a future together calls for celebration. Mass-produced, pre-molded bands lack the touch of personalization. Make your precious wedding moments unforgettably brilliant with uniquely crafted wedding bands from Love Rocks NY. 

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