Places to Discover Stunning Arts in Houston

Places to Discover Stunning Arts in Houston

Places to Discover Stunning Arts in Houston

When you plan on experiencing arts, theater, or culture in Texas, the most common decision is Austin. But there are places beyond Austin that are even more impressive. We are talking about Houston, which offers a lot of culture, art, and versatile theatre acts. Not to mention, it features stunning city life to enjoy where one can see everything from shopping centers to museums. But the city also attracts people who love art. Art in Houston is something more than what you usually discover. It is a combination of history and culture. Whether you like theatre and music or history and arts, the city will promise to keep you engaged throughout the day. 

There are a few hotspots popular for their phenomenal art collection. Although the city has numerous spots to witness its art, we have mentioned the most popular ones.

  • Museum of fine arts

If you like fine arts more than anything else, MFAH should be the place in your trip planner. You deserve to visit the site once because it is one of the biggest museums in the country. It is the sixth among them and offers more than you can expect from a museum. It has over 27,000 paintings, pieces, and artworks. They differ from a range of modern to antique. If you are someone who loves to witness the evolution of art pieces from time, this is the place for you. It offers an impressive collection of different genres and ages. You can simply see the arts in Houston evolving through these art pieces. 

  • Johnson Space Center

There's too much to see at Johnson Space Center. It is a part of NASA and has a wide array of things that you'll be able to see. It opens the doors to visitors all year long and makes it the best scientific visit for you. You can visit here anytime and explore some fascinating stuff that would intrigue you if you are a science buff. It only gets closed on Christmas but opens the rest of the year for everyone who loves science, astronauts, and more. 

You can see even more art than the theatres in Houston. The center offers a self-guided tour, so you can relish the evening and the place by roaming around according to your time. You can either explore every corner of the place at once or spend time at your favorite spot. You can see the simulator, explore the shuttle or spend the whole time watching lunar samples. 

  • Houston Museum of Natural Science

Yet another place for science geeks, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, is situated near Hermann Park. It is a great place to discover everything else with science. If you want a place with science, art, and culture, head towards this museum. It is a magical place with science, art, nature, and unique culture. It can make your visit quite different from other places because the Houston Museum is like a package. It owns several activities and exhibitions in-house. It is the fourth biggest museum in the district. 

If you are planning to visit here, do explore the Burke Baker Planetarium. You'll find it magical if you love skies and stars. You can also explore the theatre in Houston on this visit. The Wortham IMAX theatre here is worth your visit; it's incredible, regardless of the movie you watch. Next, you can take a trip to Cockrell Butterfly Center. The museum also hosts exhibits themed in geography, medical science, space, wildlife, and more. 

  • Jesse H Jones Hall for Performing Arts 

If you want to end the evening with something relaxing, Jesse H. Hall is your spot. Every year, the orchestra at the hall performs more than 200 concerts. The hall hosts the Houston Symphony and Society for the Performing Arts. You can also see Symphony at Miller theatre in the summer.

Clearly, there is a lot to discover art in Houston, especially when you are fond of it. Add these places to your itinerary and make the best visits.