Out Of Ideas For A Trivia Themed Party? Here’s Some Help

Out Of Ideas For A Trivia Themed Party? Here’s Some Help

Out Of Ideas For A Trivia Themed Party? Here's Some Help

Whether you are hosting a party for friends of your children or your own friends, a trivia-themed party is a great way to change things up and make it an exciting night for everyone. Rather than going to have a trivia pub night, you can have an equally enjoyable experience at home going virtual on your trivia night. Moreover, considering the COVID-19 situation in many parts of the world, having a party in the confines of your home is definitely a better option.

Though, unique trivia-themed parties can get a little difficult to plan, especially if you have already done them before, or you have attended other parties at the local bar or at a friend's place. The last thing you want to do is to repeat an event you already enjoyed with your friends. With a bit of planning and some preparation, you can come up with some great ideas to make your party unique and enjoyable. Here are a few things for you to consider that will help you plan your next, and all future, trivia-themed parties.

1.  Set Some Rules

Even though you are going to be playing with friends and family, a game is a game and there need to be some rules to make the game easy for participants and also to promote competitiveness. You can use a basic trivia rule system that suits your situation and audience size, just make sure they aren't too complex or too many, which makes them hard to follow. You want it to be a manageable rule system that you can also easily manage as the part coordinator. Also, it's a good idea to have it printed, so everyone can take a handout, or you could have them pinned on a wall for everyone to see.

2.  Go By Theme

The trivia questions could be based on anything, you could ask questions about movies, about popular personalities, about a certain subject, or you could even have questions about the family and other relatives. Keep in mind that you will need to find questions around the subject of the theme, so you want it to be relatively open-ended. If you have a theme but not the questions, the team at www.triviawell.com suggests you look online to find questions with definitive answers rather than making the answers subjective. Also, it's important to shortlist answers and questions beforehand, so you aren't boring people looking for questions and answers during the party itself.

3.  Unique Prizes

The best part of any party and the thing that contestants look forward to the most are the prizes. Pubs and bars can afford to give contestants really nice prizes since they are already charging people an entry fee, and hosting the trivia party is bringing them business. If you are having a party at home you can still get really nice prizes without breaking the bank, you just have to be creative in how you shop. If you are feeling a bit more creative you could even make DIY prizes yourself which are also inexpensive and will have a homely touch to them. Though make sure you include prizes, it makes the game much more competitive and entertaining.

4.  Make It Entertaining

Look for ways that you can make the event more entertaining for the participants. In the recent past during the lockdown, people have also resorted to doing virtual parties where everyone can join through a video conference and enjoy the party from the comfort of their homes. You could consider maybe giving someone the role of being the MC for the night, someone else could have the job of keeping score while kids could be delegated the task of opening prizes. Getting everyone involved in the process makes it a lot more enjoyable.

5.  Keep Score

Even though it's just a game of trivia between friends and family, it is very important that you keep score. Especially if you are handing out prizes for the highest scoring teams, keeping a fair score is important. While you might be busy with announcing questions and taking answers, it is a good idea to have someone dedicated to score-taking. It adds a unique complexity to the game and gets everyone more competitive.

Remember, even though trivia is a fun event to have at a party, it's not the only event you can have. You don't need to have a really extensive trivia session that goes on for hours, you can always keep the trivia short and have other activities at the party. The trivia theme is meant to enhance the party, not be the sole purpose of it. So have other activities lined up and use trivia as one of the activities as a way to brighten up the overall party.