Online Tools Inspiring Fashion Design Entrepreneurs

Online Tools Inspiring Fashion Design Entrepreneurs

Online Tools Inspiring Fashion Design Entrepreneurs

As the world of work accelerates online, the fashion industry is following suit—pun intended—with a wide variety of tools scaling up on the Internet to help would-be fashion designers, hobbyist, crafters, or ordinary individuals looking to create their own clothing lines, or simply personalise their own wardrobe.

Create your own custom clothing label

Personalised clothing labels are gaining in popularity as consumer tastes shifts from mass-produced, retail-flooded clothing to individualised, hand-made, home-styled and created quality garments and fashion accessories. The obvious direction in creating a custom clothing label is towards retail distribution, but personalised clothing labels can also be used for handmade items just for you, or family and friends. Creating a branding story is a consideration and is important when considering which custom-made clothing labels are right for your creations.

Classic woven labels can be made easily and quickly online on platforms such as Wunderlabel; add personalised text, symbols, and frames to your label, or if you’d like something even more customised, you can upload your own logo or artwork and create a bespoke label with more advanced options.

The demand for stylish, trendy, handmade apparel and accessories is growing fast as shoppers begin to spend again in-store after the COVID-19 lockdowns shuttered “high street” retailers, but also as shopping moves online more and more. Rising disposable income levels and a shift towards more “authentic’, longer-lasting, sustainability-minded apparel is also driving growth in this sector, while designing custom clothing labels for this market has never been easier. Personalised clothing labels lend a uniqueness to your brand and help it stand out from the rest.

Be creative, you might ignite a trend!

Personalised labels can be used in so many creative ways: Attach them to a range of self-made tea towels, or sew them to scarves you’ve knitted as Christmas gifts. From small batch orders to bigger business needs, many design possibilities are available. Parents are often in search of stick-on clothing labels for children’s clothing, jackets and personal items at school and nursery. Be creative, who knows, you might ignite a trend among your friends’ children and establish your own child name name-brand! Personalised labels are also ideal for clothing or personal items in nursing homes, care facilities, and university dorms.

Improvements in printing technology are bringing down costs exponentially and classic printed labels offer, not only personalisation, but great value. Even if you don’t have a logo, online design tools allow you to configure text and symbols that can convey a slogan or message to potential buyers. Choose the material that is best suited to your product and needs: damask, satin, or tyvek. Personalise your labels and make your creations unique.