Moving for Love: What To Consider When Bringing Your Partner Over To Live

Moving for Love: What To Consider When Bringing Your Partner Over To Live

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The things we do for love! When we've met the person of our dreams in another country, there's a lot more barriers than just moving them in with us, we've got to consider the grand scheme of things. When we've met the one, we can feel that they are perfect and they need to be with us right away. But when you've met your partner in another country and need to bring them over, naturally, there's a lot of things that you need to consider, not just in terms of the legalities, but also the relationship itself. Here are some of the little things that you may want to think about. 


The Legalities

If you decide to bring your partner over on immigration status, such as one component called “leave to remain, ” this comes with many different questions. “How long can I stay outside the UK with indefinite leave to remain?” “How much does it cost?” “Is it something that will be revoked at a moment's notice?” There can be a lot of uncertainties in the air. And this is why you must give proper thought to the legalities. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is thinking that they love each other, and that's all that matters. But when it comes to bringing someone over from another country, there's a lot more at stake. 

What Happens After the “Honeymoon Period?” 

It's so easy to work hard to bring them over to live, and you can show them everything that comes with your new life together, but with any relationship there comes an eventual settling into routines. And this is why it's important that if you've met someone who comes from another country, that they truly get the way of life. It's not fair to ask someone to come and live with you because you want them to come here, rather than you go there. What if they don't get on board with your way of life? What if there's a lot of cultural confusion? What if they experience hostility? It's all of these things that you have to consider. And if someone doesn't feel like they are at home here, what's going to happen a few years down the line? Is it going to impact the relationship? You may have to consider moving back to their home country. But if you are not prepared to do this, is the relationship going to last? 

Will a Wedding Cement Things? 

Of course, there's a lot of stories about people getting married purely to achieve citizen status, and there is a lot of clamping down on this, but from the perspective of the two of you, when you start to plan the big day, there will be this wonderful bringing together of cultures that, if you choose to have children, will make for such a wonderful family. But there will be people who may have issues with this, perhaps family members. And it's important to remember that when two people are from different countries, they may as well be from different planets. It could take a lot of work, but it could be the best thing that ever happened to both of you.