Method to improve your internal linking thanks to Search Console

Method to improve your internal linking thanks to Search Console

Method to improve your internal linking thanks to Search Console

Internal linking is crucial for a website in making the site's content rank higher and reach prospective google list. Linking acts as evidence or a batch of votes that your website gets in general and how google analytics and algorithms read it as a website worthy of being on the top of the list. 

Internal linking has evolved as a vital SEO factor, ensures the website works in synchronization with other google listings aspects and seeks the necessary option to make the website reach the top pedestal in terms of browser listings. You can look for WordPress care plans for 24/7 WordPress website management and support services.

What are Internal Links?

Internal Links associate the same website content or element to be pinned under a given article in the form of a link that takes you to other available content related to the article that you are currently reading. The purpose of this type of linking is to assert authority and provide Google a clear indication of how this article or website is worthy of listing and contains information that is precious for the user to have. 

These links are important indicators of ranking and are analyzed by Google to list the website as a leading page result. If an article or website content has a lot of backlinks it'll be able to assert its promising position in the Google listings and can carve a mark as one of the top trending result options in Google search history. 

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free tool by Google that allows a website to monitor traffic trends and increase visibility through organic efforts. Google Console provides marketing data that helps a website admin track essential details and spot various errors and indexing errors that you might encounter later that can affect your website ranking

You can mark essential keywords with Google search console and fix SEO issues that’s making your website drowsy. Google Search Console also enables the users to prepare reports on prospective links that are performing well in the market and helps websites to receive more traffic. 

How Can You Improve Internal Linking With Google Search Console?

  • Quick and Shallow Website Navigation

A website nowadays can improve its linking with a specified number of clicks to increase speed and loading time. This fast response will enable the reader to have access to important and relevant landing pages thus minimizing the time spent by the reader in hunting for useful information and data. These links will act as prominent evidence for Google to categorize the website as one of the important ones available.

  • Link All Important Pages

A Google Search Console works by analyzing the time spent by the reader on a particular website and thus measures how effective the content is. Similarly, linking all the relevant pages together will make the reader firmly grounded on your website and helps him to access all the important information linked on one page. This will indicate google and send confirmation about how the website is valuable in terms of searched content and will make it more visible in the listings. 

  • Optimize Crawl Budget

Crawl Budget can be termed as an assessment done by Google bot to analyze the links and URLs pinned under a website to create access and deem it worthy for frequent appearance in the listing. Each time a Google not comes across a URL that is broken or not encrypted properly it results in an often wasted crawl budget. In simpler terms, it can mean your website gets voted as not worthy enough to display it on the top of the listing. Hence to avoid these issues, optimizing the crawl budget becomes important to improve linking. 

  • Reasonable Number Of Links Per Page 

One of the ways to improve linking can be via optimization of the number of links pinned under one web page. This needs to be put logically as Google will not read links that are above a hundred and that can result in the website getting rejected or penalized in some cases. To improve the existing linking aspects, a particular web page should host approximately 100 links and not more than that. In this way, it becomes easier for the console to read and analyze links and issue confirmation for the same. 

  • Using Keywords In Header Titles

One sure shot way to improve the internal and external linking of a page is through keywords. Placing the keywords in header titles such as meta title and description can do wonders and attract views and traffic to the website content. This type of linking can increase the visibility of the website and make the content look more valuable in the google console algorithm

  • Using Alt Keywords In Images

Another way to improve linking is tagging a text under images and address them as alt keywords. This will enable the google ranking algorithm to display images as potential search results and make your website content rank higher in the searches. Usually, Google also uses a precise pattern to judge the potential of credible display images, and using the keywords as alt image texts will make the web content rank higher in display or image search as well. 

  • Inserting Links In Main Content

It is generally advisable that the main links should be placed within the first paragraph of the main content to make it rank higher in the searches. The Google console usually treats the latter links as editorial ones and does not consider them important. To make the content rank higher in google listing embedding links in the initial stages of web information is a good idea to go with. Putting essential keywords around the main link will also deem profitable to improve the linking process in general. 

  • Open Links In New Tab

One of the sorted ways to improve linking is by providing an option of opening the linked article in another tab so that the main content is not lost in between linked landing pages. These landing links have to be adjusted and pinned accordingly so that when the user clicks on these links, the landing page gets opened in a different tab and it's easier for the users to scroll through.  

  • Add Links Where Suitability Arises For The Same

Links should be added in a manner that when a reader finds a problem, he can be then redirected to a different landing page that has a solution to his issue with a smart linking strategy. This will enable the users to have a more sophisticated screen experience and reading the right content and related pages will make them stay for long and help in ranking the web content. 

  • Don't Overstuff The Content With Keywords

The web content should display optimized keyword placement with links that are just right in numbers. Avoid over-stuffing the web content with irrelevant links that can make a user lose their interest in the content available and misalign your conversion rate to rank high in the listings. Always make sure that the web content has limited yet powerful linking to boost the ranking further. 

  • Identify and Repair Broken Links

Sometimes when googling console addresses wasted crawl budget, it often consists of broken links that secretly let the ranking suffer while the admin is looking for other visible issues as to why their content is not bouncing on the ranking radar. To fix such a grave issue, the admin must make sure that their web content is filled with URLs that are functioning and working in sync with Google analytics and algorithms. The links must contain the complete address and should not be broken as they will not rank at all if the web content is filled with broken links

  • Avoid Automated Plugins For Linking

A website admin should avoid using any tool that facilitates linking and is automated to perform such tasks. This will only end up in a more robotic linking which will be devoid of any strength or structure and will further compromise the sites' dignity and content. To make the most out of internal linking. this has to be done with conscious efforts and should be done healthily to initiate regularly improved rankings. 

  • Linking With Keeping The Site's Navigation In Mind. 

As discussed earlier, the placement of links at particular distances is essential for the google algorithm to respond actively. To further facilitate this more smoothly, a website that has particularly large navigation should do the linking in a much more optimized manner rather than the small ones as it will make the navigation much easier and for the users to have a steady stay at the site. This will also ensure that Google is organically scanning through your data and find the links placed appropriately to make it bounce high in the listing


Internal linking is an important tool for SEO which can essentially make a website seen and heard in the vast domain of the internet. Therefore the website admin should work profusely in fixing their internal linking  and let the power of digital marketing guide them further to make their content reach the highest points in google listings. 

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