Managing Knee Pain In Golf

Managing Knee Pain In Golf

Managing Knee Pain In Golf

Knee problems in golf can lead to ongoing health issues and may even prevent many amateur golfers returning to golf.

When you analyze the average golf swing, you will find that you use knees just as much as your hips. The principle is rather simple. Where your hips go, your knees will follow. Before you start to play golf with your friends, it is important to take some lessons with a pro.

Not only will lessons with a pro make you a better golfer, professional golf lessons will also help you to prevent injuries.

Helping Golfers To Manage and Prevent Knee Pain

One of the best things you can do is to prevent knee pain in the first place. However, that is not always possible. Before you know it, you will have taken a more vigorous swing than you had expected. The end result in a worst case scenario could be knee pain.

Preventing Knee Pain

One of the best ways to avoid knee pain is to apply a knee pain patch before you start your game. As you play, the active ingredients in the patch will gently release into the bloodstream.

Knee pain is often caused by inflammation. When you twist your knee as you do in golf, it only takes minutes for the muscles to come under strain. Inflammation can quickly follow.

Stretching To Prevent Knee Pain

Not all golfers do yoga before a match, but maybe you should consider adding a few easy yoga movements to your pre-match routine. It only takes a matter of minutes to go through three sets of the Sun Salutations asana group of movements.

Simple yoga moves will help to stretch your leg muscles and increase circulation. Both are important when it comes to preventing knee pain during and after golf.

Make Sure That You Are Wearing The Right Shoes

Overall, golf is not a cheap sport to get started in and to take part in on a long term basis. When you want to make the most out of it and prevent injuries, it is essential to have the right shoes. Far too many golfers invest in low quality gear.

Not only does your game suffer, but you are also more likely to pick up injuries. It is tempting to think that a pair of regular trainers will do the job. They will not.

Regular trainers and other sports shoes are not meant for golf. You need spikes to be able to "anchor" yourself and achieve a better stance. This helps to increase your swing speed and prevent injury.

Wearing a knee pain patch is an excellent preventative measure that many sports people and golfers don't consider. Pain patches are packed with compounds that continuously release into the bloodstream and help the body to better cope with the strain it is under.

If you have not previously tried using a knee pain patch to prevent injury and reduce inflammation, you should give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results you will get from this one very simple piece of advice from experienced golfers.