Is Dr Jart Really That Good?

Is Dr Jart Really That Good?

Is Dr Jart Really That Good?

The Korean cosmetics industry (or K Beauty as it’s commonly known) is one of the biggest in the world right now! In 2019, it was estimated to be worth around 10.11 trillion (yes, TRILLION) South Korean Won. 

Just to put that into perspective for Western readers, that’s around 8.8 trillion US Dollars. But that was 2019.

Since then, K Beauty has risen in popularity across the globe, and cosmetic brands based in Korea are reaping the benefits of this fresh foreign interest in their products. 

For the years 2021-2026, experts have predicted the Korean cosmetics industry will grow by around 5.2%. If this were to happen, K Beauty would be worth an extra 505.5 billion South Korean Won by the end of 2026. So, basically, a helluva lot of money!

But Who Are The Big Players?

If you’re new to K Beauty, then you might already use Korean products without realizing it. 

If you want to know who the big players are in the Korean cosmetics industry though, then here are some of the most popular brands (but there are many more besides):

– Missha

– The Face Shop

– Holika Holika

– Etude House

– Neogen

Dr Jart

You could pick any one of these brands and write a post about why they’re so popular, but today we’ll be focusing on Dr Jart. 

If you don’t know this brand, then firstly where have you been hiding for the past 10 years as this brand has been going global, but secondly, you can read the section below to find out more about them.

Who Is Dr Jart?

A dermatologist and an architect founded Dr Jart in 2004. An odd combination, right? Well, it was this combination of art and science that made the brand so popular. 

They began making waves in the K Beauty industry in Korea first, before eventually traveling overseas and influencing the cosmetics market elsewhere. Now Dr Jart is truly global, and their skincare is loved the world over.

They have amazing products and here are just some of the most loved:

– Face Toners

– Moisturizers

– BB Creams

– CC Creams

But if they’re all so popular, then Dr Jart must be doing something right, so what is that exactly?

Why Are Dr Jart Products So Loved?

It’s actually not that big of a secret. Their combination of art and science has meant that not only do their products look great, smell great, and feel great, but they actually work: and that’s sometimes a novelty for cosmetic brands. 

The fact that their products are designed and tested with specific purposes in mind makes them one of the best cosmetic brands in the world, not just Korea. 

They have rigorously tested everything they produce to ensure it has the desired effect. Whether you’re trying to hydrate, re-energize, or nourish, if you buy a Dr Jart product for a specific reason, you can expect to see results – and fast! 

The science behind the product is the driving force, but they don’t stop there. That’s why the mixture of architecture and dermatology works so well. Because they care so much about both sides of skincare. 

They want it to work first and foremost, but a close second is their desire to make sure it looks and feels the part too. And there isn’t a single Dr Jart product that disappoints. 

It’s so popular across the world because of three main reasons: 

– Their products work

– Their products look amazing

– Their products are affordable

And it’s this holy trinity of cosmetic requirements that makes Dr Jart one of the best K beauty brands in the Korean cosmetics industry, and beyond!