How to Trade Your Watch Online

How to Trade Your Watch Online

How to Trade Your Watch Online

Do you love watches? Well, we cannot blame you! Luxurious watches can boost your confidence, enhance your look, and tell you what time of the day it is. When you purchase your luxurious watch, it is all fun and worth boasting about. However, as time goes by, it begins to wear out, some of its parts stop functioning, or you just “fall out of love” with it.

What do you do with the watch that you no longer need? What if we told you that there is a way through which you can trade your luxurious watch with another one? Sounds crazy, right? Well, with Watchbox in Singapore, you can trade your old watch for a new one in as little time as possible.

How it Works

Watchbox in Singapore works by buying, selling, and trading luxurious watches that have been pre-owned by other people. It is a platform where watch enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby more. Watchbox is synonymous with quality. The selections on the platform feature the best luxurious watches ever.

The Swiss-trained watchmakers and refiners at Watchbox always ensure that the products on the shelves are in pristine condition, and they come with a Global Watchbox Warranty.

Ready to Trade?

Well, trading with Watchbox is very easy considering that it is a reputable company that has earned its salt. To trade your watch, consider the steps below:

  1. Go to the official Watchbox’s website and browse through the items that you want to trade. Watchbox’s inventory is full of luxurious watches from all over the world. If you do not have your preferred item in mind, you won’t miss a product or two that confuses you from the provided catalogue.
  2. After identifying your preferred item, it is time to upload a picture of the product that you want to trade. From the prompt, you will key in some important details such as the brand of the watch you want to trade. You will also have to upload a picture of your watch- you can add some more details if you wish to.
  3. Speak with an expert. At Watchbox, you can talk to a random expert after uploading the picture of the product that you want to trade and agree on the terms of the trade.
  4. You will receive a prepaid shipping label then send your watch to Watchbox in Singapore. The cost of shipping and insurance is covered by Watchbox.
  5. After receiving your watch, Watchbox will send your new watch within 48 hours. You will have done away with a watch that you probably didn’t want any more with one that you have always desired.


Luxurious watches make us feel whole- they boost our confidence and enhance our looks. However, there comes a time when the watch that you once loved so much is not as exciting. Rather than throwing it away, you can trade with another watch that you fancy.

All you have to do is contact Watchbox in Singapore, upload a picture of your watch, talk with an expert, send your watch, and receive your new luxurious watch in no time.