How to Support Small Community Restaurants

How to Support Small Community Restaurants

How to Support Small Community Restaurants

In today’s big box world, it’s important to support small businesses. This is especially true with restaurants. It’s very challenging to keep a small restaurant running and profitable, especially during hard economic times. Here are some ways you can support small restaurants to keep them thriving in your community.

Talk About Small Gems

Tell your friends how much you like your favorite local diner’s food! If you meet someone new to town, tell them they have to try the food. If not the food, maybe there’s a great cocktail to gush about or maybe they have amazing customer service. Whatever it is you love, be sure to share your recommendation with others.

Dine in Your Favorite Establishments

You don’t want to be all talk and no action though. Have meals at small restaurants. The best way you can support a restaurant is to patronize it. Head to lunch, dinner or breakfast, or even get takeout. As costs increase for restaurant supply and food supply, it’s important to actually patronize your favorite places.

Dining in these establishments should include bringing visitors to your favorite small restaurants. If you have family or friends in from out of town, take them to small gems in your city. They’ll enjoy the experience more than eating at a chain that they could eat at in any city. 

Similarly, bringing acquaintances that you’ve just met or are new to town has the potential to create new regular customers at your favorite place. That means more business for them and more likelihood that the restaurant will be able to stick around for a while. 

Party with Your Favorite Places

If you love a place, it can become a part of who you are. If a place is a part of your identity, it should be a part of the big moments in your life. If you’re planning a party or business meeting, have it at your favorite small establishment. One of the advantages of small restaurants is the ability to make something special happen for their customers. 

Similarly, if you need to cater a party and can’t have it at the restaurant, order the food from one of your favorite places. Not only does this mean you get to have some of your favorite dishes as a part of a special occasion, it means that you’re introducing potential new customers to the food at your favorite establishment. 

Purchase Gift Cards

Another way you can support small restaurants is to purchase gift cards. This is especially important during the holiday season. If you’re not sure what to buy for friends or family, give them the opportunity to try your favorite small restaurant. If they enjoy it as much as you do, they’re likely to be back and become a regular customer themselves, after trying it with your gift card. 

Gift cards also make a great gift for your staff or colleagues. It can be hard to think of a gift for a large group of people. A gift card to your favorite place is especially thoughtful, because you’re sharing something you love with those you work with. 

Similarly, gift cards can be a great addition to a swag bag or as a party favor. Do you need to donate a gift for a contest winner or as a part of an auction? Purchase a gift from your favorite small restaurant as your contribution. Again, you’ll be giving someone in the community the opportunity to dine in one of your favorite places and potentially become a regular there. 

Be Kind

Finally, if you can’t purchase extra gifts or spend a lot of money at your favorite place, one thing you can do is be kind while you’re there. Thank the staff and get to know them. Similarly, speak to the owner and tell them how much you love their establishment. Being kind and developing relationships will help you think of ways you can support your favorite business in the future. 

Whether you’re hosting a party or dining at your favorite establishment, enjoy the meal and the time at one of your favorite places. Enjoying the food, customer service and ambience is really the best way to enjoy your favorite place!