How To Match Your Curtains And Blinds To Your Home Decor

How To Match Your Curtains And Blinds To Your Home Decor

How To Match Your Curtains And Blinds To Your Home Decor 

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Are you looking to purchase some blinds and curtains to spruce up the decor of your home? Having the right curtains and blinds can play a vital role in enhancing both the aesthetic value and visual appeal of a room. 

When it comes to selecting them, however, where do you start? With so many colors, patterns, and textures, it comes as no surprise that choosing the right curtains and blinds is no easy feat. Below are some tips to help you get started. 

Curtains vs. blinds 

To start, here's a quick breakdown of curtains and blinds. 


While curtains can give your home a luxurious finish, they've also got plenty of other benefits such as protecting soft furnishings from harsh sunlight, insulating your home, and helping with temperature control. 


With blinds, they're generally inexpensive and take up less space than curtains. They can also help protect your furniture, block damaging UV rays, and create an extra layer of insulation. 

Having both curtains and blinds is great for your home. Express Essex Blinds can provide you with a great range of blinds. While you've got curtains that help to add to the aesthetic of your home, blinds can function similarly to sheer curtains, giving a different look to your windows and allowing for greater functionality in regulating both light and climate control.

Match your walls 

If you love your walls' current color, there's no harm in opting for a curtain and blind fabric that comes in a similar shade. You can also go a few shades darker if you don't want to upstage your room's other elements. While a monochromatic approach might sound one-dimensional, it can also add to the elegance of your space. 

If you're not a fan of your walls' current color, however, you should change them into a color that you love first. Walls are the foundation of any space, so you'd need to perfect them before working on any other elements. 

Select a solid print or neutral palette 

The safest and most popular approach with curtains and blinds is to select a solid print or a neutral palette color such as beige and ivory. While it won't be an eye-catching piece in the room, it's a good middle option for individuals with diverse tastes. 

A solid print or neutral palette is also a good choice for those who have a rental property or plan to sell their home.

Select something that contrasts your walls

If you do want something that stands out a bit more, you can opt for bright patterns or colors that'll contrast your walls. Go for a piece of fabric or print that you already love, or head to Pinterest for some inspiration

To start, you may want to experiment with smaller rooms – just to see how everything comes together. If it looks great, you can move on to the bigger rooms in your home. 

While you can also select curtains and blinds with an aesthetic that clashes with the rest of the room, you want to be extra careful when doing so. In such instances, you may want to seek the help of an expert with a good design eye. 

Patterns go with solids 

While it's not a definite rule, if you've got patterned furniture in your room, you'll want to go for curtains and blinds with a solid color. Similarly, if you have solid-colored furniture in your room, opt for patterned and textured curtains and blinds instead. If it’s the bedroom you’re decorating, Kate Barrington at 

Sleeping Culture states that closed curtains will not just add a layer of warmth to the room but also help promote healthy sleep habits like a good mattress would: “Everyone is different in their sensitivity to light, but for those easily affected by light or for shift workers, blackout curtains or dark curtains are best. Most blackout curtains are made from synthetic fabrics, but for those wanting prioritizing style, custom-made curtains are a good option.” 

Most curtains we’ve tested for this guide are labeled as blackout curtains, but often they’re simply room-darkening (and sometimes not very good at that).

Coziness is key 

Whichever pattern and design you choose to go with, it's important that your room feels cozy, warm, and inviting. Fullness is integral in achieving this, so you'd want to layer blinds beneath curtains. Alternatively, you can also use roman blinds and pair those with linen sheers to frame the view. 

Pairing curtains and blinds with your home decor don’t have to be a complicated process. Keep any of the above tips in mind, and you'll be well on your way to making the ideal selections for your home. Looking to elevate your Newcastle home's ambiance?