How To Make A Surprise Party For Your Friend

How To Make A Surprise Party For Your Friend

How to Make A Surprise Party for Your Friend

Many people don't have the creativeness or know-how to plan and execute that perfect surprise party for their friends. If you know how to throw surprise parties, you're in luck. But for most people, you may need to do some research on details of how to pull it off

You're here because you are one of the people who want to get some ideas. You may also be looking to expound on your thoughts and get more. Here are some of the moves you can make to ensure you make a surprise party for your friend and pull it off. 

Surprise Parties

Unlike regular parties where the party honors know about, this one is a surprise. To pull off the perfect surprise party can be difficult as keeping that secret between people can be challenging. That's why not many people can pull off a surprise party without their friend finding out about it. 

Below are the ideas for a surprise party for a friend. 

An Awesome Day

One of the ideas you can use to get the perfect surprise party is organizing a day full of awesomeness. You need to know what kind of activities this friend is into before you get down to the planning part of it. They need to know how special they are to you on this day. 

It doesn't have to be a day, though; this can be something you do for the whole month or even a week. Get your plan book out and write down every fun idea you can give your friend and help them enjoy the day. Who Wants 2 Party can give you pointers on the party day. 

A Walk Down Memory Lane

If you have been friends with the person for a long time, you can make them have that nostalgic feel as you walk them down memory lane. You need to have several photos of the past – you can both be in the picture, or they can be alone. 

You need to add those pictures to balloons and have them at home. You can let the balloons fly and hit the ceiling as soon as they walk into the room. You can do this part alone or have several other friends invited too. 

You'll need to walk the party person into the room blindfolded and have them wonder at the beauty once they come in. 

24 Hours – 24 Gifts

There are 24 hours in a day; why not use each to gift your friend? As soon as the clock hits, it would help if you gave something, and the anticipation will only grow after a few hours. You'll need to have a long list of gift ideas before you can pull this off. 

And it would help if you also got something they would like too. If you don't have the right gift ideas, you can check out Who Wants 2 Party to get some inspiration. Even the dullest person on earth will be livened up with hourly gifts. 

Kidnap Plan

The kidnap plan has been used for years and may look old, but it's still one that you can use to ensure you pull off a surprise party. Today though, it's becoming harder to execute this plan due to security concerns. But if you trust the people around you, you can pull it off. 

You also need to ensure that the receiver is into such ideas. And they also need to be in the mood for the same for you to pull it off successfully. You'll need to decorate the room first before you get them there fully. 

This takes a lot of cooperation and planning to pull through successfully. 

Car Decoration

A total car make-over can also be a great idea to surprise your friend. If the person – the receiver is a workaholic, this can work a treat as they won't have the time to check. When you finally present the gift to them, it will be a total surprise – you can pull this off alone. 

You'll need to steal the car keys a day to the D-day for you to pull this off. You can decorate with all manner of decorations, and when they get into the car, they'd be surprised. 

Looking for ways to surprise your friend can be a tedious task, but you can pull it off once you have two or three ideas. Above are some of the ideas you can use to pull off surprise parties for your friends. All of them have the element of surprise that you need.