How To Find The Right Workout Routine For Your Body Type

How To Find The Right Workout Routine For Your Body Type

How To Find The Right Workout Routine For Your Body Type

You may be wondering how come you have been to the gym and faithfully done rigorous workouts. But you can’t see noticeable results. Your body shape and composition are still the same. Yet someone else gets their results as you watch.

Research says about 70% of those who exercise are not training for their body type. This could include you as well. Your body type (somatotype) will always influence how you respond to workouts.

You, therefore, need to understand your body before you can identify the proper workout routine for you.

Continue reading to find out.

What Is Body Type?

We all have a genetic and physiological design that determines the body composition one has. Dr. W.H. Sheldon (1940s) studied the concept and made three classifications of body type.

Endomorphs have rounded and soft bodies. Mesomorphs have square and muscular bodies. And ectomorphs’ bodies are always thin and have delicate bones. Different somatotypes respond differently to specific fitness programs.

Identify which body type you have, then tailor your workouts to challenge your composition and shape. Follow this simple guide to identify your body type:


  • Have sturdier bone structure and a larger midsection and hips 
  • They carry more fat in their bodies
  • They become fat quicker and lose it slowly
  • They naturally have a slow metabolism 


  • Have a medium bone structure and broader shoulders than hips
  • Can quickly develop athletic muscles
  • They have an efficient metabolism that makes losing and gaining of mass relatively easy


  • Their shoulders and hips are narrower in comparison to their heights
  • They have smaller muscles compared to bone length
  • They experience a speedy metabolism; so they don’t quickly gain mass

Don’t Misclassify Your Body Type

About 50% of people misclassify their somatotype. When you become excessively critical of your body, you risk misclassifying your body type. You then become susceptible to digitally altered body types on television.

The good news is that there is help that you can make use of. Software APP developers have certain applications that you can download from the Play Store. The APPs will help you identify your correct body type and recommend the right workouts for you.

You should note that most people have a hybrid rather than a pure body type. The types may be evenly distributed, or you may have a dominant and lesser type. This means you can benefit from the strengths of both types during your workout routine.

The common hybrids are; Endo-ectomorphs and Ecto-mesomorphs. You shouldn’t misclassify your body type so that your training will be meaningful.

How To Train Your Body Type

A better approach to training is tailoring your exercise program to overcome the hurdles of your body type. It would help if you also had some realistic goals so that workout isn’t for the sake. One common workout goal you may want is building your muscle definition and preventing frequent injuries. Another goal may be to lose weight and get healthy. In choosing your exercise routine, knowing your hormone type may also be useful, especially for women. Hormones have a great deal of effect on the body and trying out metabolic renewal exercises that focus on controlling hormones and metabolism can be the best tool to achieve your fitness goals snd weight loss.

Follow the tips below to design your workout routine that will meet your goal correctly.

  • Training Endomorphs

Here it would be best if you focused on high-intensity techniques for losing fat and improving your cardiorespiratory efficiency. Your exercises should focus on metabolic conditioning. Do resistance exercises, lots of plyometrics, steady-state cardio, and consistent anaerobic and aerobic training.

It would help if you also moved more when you are not in the gym to reduce your sedentary lifestyle.

  • Ectomorphs Workout Strategy

Use low-intensity hypertrophy and maximal strength resistance exercises to maximize your muscle gain. Combine these exercises with longer rest periods so that you don’t accelerate calorie burn. This is because you already have a highly active metabolism. Your training should therefore aim at reducing overall energy utilization.

  • How To Train Mesomorphs

Being a mesomorph, you have fewer hurdles than others since your metabolism is relatively efficient. You are therefore more ideal to do advanced power workouts, sport-specific training, and athletics.

But not so fast; you have fewer slow-twitch muscle fibers, which means you have lower endurance levels. It is therefore essential for you to change your workout styles regularly. Do this with occasional sprints as a way of tricking your muscles and cardiorespiratory system to get fitter faster.


The most crucial aspect to look out for in designing the best workout routine is body type. Understand your somatotype and the hurdles you have to overcome—some of those hurdles you really shouldn’t overcome but rather work with them.

Take the example of an ectomorph; you shouldn’t increase energy utilization here. You see, yet exercises have natural labeling of burning calories. So after knowing your hurdles, you can then train to achieve your goals.