How To Do Bantu Knots: What Kind Of Hair Is Needed

How To Do Bantu Knots: What Kind Of Hair Is Needed

How To Do Bantu Knots: What Kind Of Hair Is Needed

Bantu knots are a style that was invented and popularized by the Bantu people. Originally the Zulu people of southern Africa, the word Bantu is a generic name for the more than 300 African groups that dominate the geographical region of central and south Africa. Bantu Knots not only leave a statement, but they are also a great way to rock hair while keeping it protected. In addition to giving your hair a break from heat styling that constantly damages the hair. Bantu Knots help you in achieving healthy longer, stronger hair due to less manipulation of the hair.

Create Perfect Bantu Knots 

The Bantu style originated from Africa. More and more ladies have continued to embrace this century-old and exotic style. The Bantu knots look beautiful; it is predominantly a hairstyle for natural hair. It is a protective style and lets the hair rest from heat as it does not require using any heat on the hair during styling. The best thing with the Bantu knot is that you can knot out or unravel your hair at any time. In simple terms, you can define Bantu knots as coiled buns that you make out of twisted sections of your hair and then securing them up into a secure knot. Bantu knots help in the hair's moisture retention in addition to preventing fizz. Below are the simple steps, you can follow to attain gorgeous Bantu knots.

Wash And Condition 

It is advisable that when you want to make a Bantu knot that you always start with clean, deep conditioned, and nourished hair. Any hair that is never well taken care of tends to break. However, you can slowly try your Bantu knots on hair that stretches, and it's wet. The type of hair products you will use will determine the outcome of the Bantu knots. Another trick is to apply hair products in the shower; this ensures that the hair soaks up all the ingredients providing deep hydration and moisturization. 


  • Bobby pins
  • Edge control
  • Spray water bottle
  • Hair accessories
  • Toothbrush
  • Denham brush
  • Styling gel
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Leave-in Conditioner

Step 1: Part Your Hair 

  • Spray water on your hair first. It is essential to start Bantu Knots with moisturized hair.
  • Starting from the back part of your hair into sections with the fine-tooth comb
  • Working from sections to sections outing each in a bun

Step 2: Detangling And Moisturizing 

  • Sparing small section of the hair applying leave-in conditioner start from the root to the end
  • Ensure proper moisturization and then detangle using a wide-tooth comb
  • Next, apply a small amount of styling gel to each section
  • Twist the Bantu Knots checking that they appear smooth
  • Once done, use the Denman brush to brush gently

Step 3: Twisting The Hair

  • At this stage, you should start by twisting your hair starting from the roots to ensure it holds all the hair next turn the hair buns.  
  • Apply your preferred product at the end and then style

Step 4: Putting The Hair Into Knots 

  • Now twist your hair in the opposite direction to ensure that you get a knot. 
  • Next, use bobby pins to secure the hair into positions. 

Step 5

  • Work on the remaining hair sections 
  • All the sections named above 1-5 
  • Once you finish, leave out edge to lay later

Step 6: Flaunt The Gorgeous Look 

  • Once done layout your edges using the styling gel. Now flaunt your Bantu knots.

What You Need To Do If You Do Not Have Enough hair To Create Bantu knot 

Bantu Knot is a style for your hair; however, sometimes, your hair might not be long enough to create this Afrocentric style. Do not be dismayed. You can create the bantu knot by attaching human hair to your hair. There are several methods by which you can make Bantu knots with the bulk hair. 

The Bantu knots are versatile; you can either choose to have the knots or the knots out. Finally, you use hairspray oil sheen and spritz. During the night, you can cover the Bantu knots with a satin bonnet. The Bantu knot style should last you anywhere between 1 or 2 weeks, even longer if you secure the knots well. And remember to always cleanse your scalp using astringent such as witch hazel for 3 to 4 days. If a knot happens to unravel, you can always twist it back. That's the joy of having Bantu knots. Always remember that it is easier working with well-moisturized hair. The simplest way to achieve this is by spraying your hair with some water at all times.