How to design the perfect photography logo?

How to design the perfect photography logo?

How to design the perfect photography logo?

As someone who captures the interest of people with imagery, you’re probably aware of the need to be visually appealing to customers. In this fast-paced era where there’s little time to think and act, people will usually see and act. Your first impression can thus either make you or break you! 

This is where the significance of a good photography logo design and a good logo maker app swoons in. Regardless of how great you are behind the camera, a logo which does not represent your brand well has the capability to camouflage your hard work with a bad or wrong impression. So how exactly do you know your photography logo design is perfect? Check this logo designer https://studio60design.com.au/

Firstly, let’s all make peace with the fact that perfection in design is highly subjective, depending on a number of factors like; 

What kind of photographer are you? 

What are your plans to expand your business?

What do you want your logo to portray? 

However, cutting the long story short, there are a few elements which can be borne in mind to help you get the perfect logo designed.

  • What do you click?

As a photographer or a photography firm, it’s vital to know your forte. Photography logos, designed without a concept fail to convey your expertise and can be misleading. That of course doesn’t apply if you’re up for any task where your camera comes in handy, but if you’ve got a specialty, let ‘them’ know via your logo!

If you’re a travel photographer or photography firm, for example Next LVL Photography you can easily capture your target audience/customers through a logo which clearly depicts your passion. 

  • Keeping it solid

Even though there’s no thumb rule which says that your photography logo needs to avoid gradients, it’s always classier and more convenient to incorporate a solid color into your photography logo. This is because it’s much easier to use these logos as watermarks or in print advertisements for example where a lot of colors may make a fuss.  

  • Looks matter

As a professional in compositions, you might already be aware of the necessity to keep everything ‘looking good’ and balanced. Surprisingly enough, it might be your logo that pops up on a client’s social media feed that attracts them towards your pictures. Attractive photography logos often speak highly of your professionalism as a photographer (metaphorically of course). A good photography logo designer knows how important it is to strike an equilibrium and harmony between the text and the image.  

Being creative with a minimalist approach is what I personally admire in a photography logo or any logo for that matter. Take a look at this logo for Elephant Studio where the vector art depicts an extremely simple yet highly creative design of an elephant abstract which looks like a camera (or vice versa): 

  • Ready to adjust

With all factors being favorable, there’s still one element that’s perhaps the most important one to bear in mind when you’re getting a photography logo designed: responsiveness and flexibility! If your logo can’t adjust, it can’t advertise and logos that are handicapped with regard to promotional content are a regretful investment. 

In the era of unlimited advertising mediums and technical advancements you need to be futuristic in your logo design approach. Whether it’s a website or a mobile app, your photography logo design needs to have the ability to adjust and look good without altering the design. Well, it seems overwhelming but this is where professional logo designers save the day!