How to Decorate Like a Pro With Professional Printed Photos

Do you have a collection of printed photos that you want to display? If so, you're probably wondering how to put your artwork up in a way that looks both professional and beautiful.

One of the easiest ways to display professional photo art is to create a gallery wall. A gallery wall is a display of printed photos, posters, prints, and other wall decorations arranged to complement one another. 

You've probably seen gallery walls in magazines or staged homes and wondered how to make one yourself. It's easier than you might think! Learn how to arrange and display your printed photos like a pro in this guide.

Group Your Pictures

The first step is to gather your collection of photo art and lay it out.

If you're looking for some stunning pieces to decorate your walls, check out this photographer for professional images you'll love to display.

Once you have all your artwork out, create a theme. Group by color or subject matter, for example.

If you need ideas, try to reflect the tone of your room or the style of your house. You might choose woodsy photos and prints for a cabin or nautical-themed pictures for a house near the beach.

Evens or Odds

Lay your artwork out on the floor or on a large, flat surface to get an idea of how you might like to see the pictures arranged. For instance, would you like an even or odd number of pictures?

You might prefer that all the photos are the same size, or you might like artwork and prints in different sizes. Experiment to see what you like best.

Measure It Out

The next step is to measure your wall.

You'll want some space between the pictures, so spread the art out until it looks right to you. Decide how much of the wall you want to cover.

If you want, you can take sheets of paper and cut out templates that match the size of the photographs you're going to hang. Tape these pieces of paper up on the wall to get an idea of how to space your pictures and artwork. This is the easiest way to gain a visual and lets you move the pieces of paper around until you're happy.

Use a ruler to make sure the artwork is evenly spaced unless you're going for an uneven look.

Hang Your Printed Photos

Once you're happy with the layout, grab your tools. Using the pieces of paper as templates, hang your nails or hooks for your artwork. It helps to have a level on hand so you can make sure the artwork hangs straight.

Knowing how to hang your wall art can make all the difference. When you do it right, your gallery wall looks like it belongs in your favorite home decorator magazine!

Enjoy Your Artwork

Now that you know how to decorate like an interior designer, grab your printed photos and hang them up! Follow our tips to create a stunning gallery wall in your home or office so you can enjoy your artwork for years to come.

If you're looking for more tips on making the most of your home, check out our "Home" section.