How To Create A Perfect Home Office Space

How To Create A Perfect Home Office Space

How To Create A Perfect Home Office Space

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Life has certainly changed a lot in the last 12 months. We have been through stages where we can’t see each other in public, or even in the home. Many of us are still working from home with office buildings open to only limited numbers. We’re no longer giving each other hugs and fist-bumps — elbows have replaced these. And in some areas, masks are now commonplace. 

But, we have adapted. If you’re still working from home or starting a new role that needs a home office, you want to make sure your space is comfortable and inviting. You might be spending a bit of time there, after all. Here are some tips on how to create your perfect home office space

Get some new office furniture 

One of the best things you can do for your new office space is to spiff it up somewhat! There are plenty of furnishings to choose from regardless of your taste. 

Whether you’re looking for a modern look, with the modular desk, or have access to an old vintage-style wooden desk, center your design around your desk is a good way to start the renovation.  Make sure your printer is nearby and fully stocked with ink so that you’re not constantly frustrated whenever you have to print something out!You’ll be spending most of your time here, so it makes sense to build out from it. 

Be comfortable 

One of the best investments you can make for yourself in your new home office will be your comfort. This means a comfy chair and a desk that is at a comfortable height. Comfortable office chairs are well worth the investment and will save you from punishing back pain in the future. 

Even an ergonomic mouse will do wonders for your wrists and overall comfort. If you’re going for a modern look, consider a modular desk, these are multi-function and perfect for those with multiple monitors. It also helps anyone who likes to separate out their workspaces and keep things organized. If you do invest in a modular desk, make sure that it. You could also checkout validpick.com with their guide on setting up a home office.

Consider the backdrop 

If you work for a big corporation, you’re likely to be participating in video conferencing calls with software like Skype or Zoom. As such, it’s vital you consider your backdrop when on these calls. A plain wall is fine, but hanging up some small art pieces or shelving for storage will go a long way. 

You might also want to consider your workmate’s viewing. When you’re doing your online calls, the last thing you want is someone commenting on the picture of your wife in a bikini on the wall behind you. 

Let all the light in 

Another thing you’ll want to consider is how much natural light there is in the room. Are you brightly lit? Or do you require another light source to better illuminate you for video conferencing? 

Perhaps if you’re considering where to put your home office, choose a room with plenty of natural light. This will help illuminate you and offer a more inviting view for those on the other side of the screen. 

Add a bright coat of paint 

If your home isn’t set up with lots of natural light in the room you’re going to use for your home office, one of the ways in which you can get around this is to lighten the space using paint. Painting is no small thing. 

If you’re doing it yourself, you must ensure that windows are protected, that the floor space and any furniture present is also protected with drop cloths. 

Another hack is to use aluminum foil rather than trays, as these are easy to crumple up and throw away, rather than having to go through the pains of trying to clean those trays. 

Add some plants 

Another great way to create a warm and welcoming, bright and bountiful office space, is by adding a few plants. Plants are great for your health and will improve the air quality in your home in general. 

Plants produce oxygen, which will help with the office’s airflow and their bright, green colors add a very homely feel to a bright room. Choose some native plants, or opt for indoor varieties that stand out — such as ferns or orchids. 

Plants, modular furniture, comfort, and light are key elements of a great home office space. Regardless of your job that requires a computer, you want to feel like you’re able to be productive while at home. That can only be done by creating a great home office for yourself. Use the tips above to get started today.

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