How to Choose the right Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

How to Choose the right Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

How to Choose the right Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding outfit is incomplete without matching jewelry. This is the only time you get to formally shine in the limelight, you have to dress your best for this special day. For many brides, the whole set of options available can confuse the best of them. To start with, what you should look for is jewelry that adds to the elegance of your dress. 

In this post, we will see what you need to keep in mind while choosing wedding  jewelry for your big day. For your wedding jewelry visit a Jewelry Store In Houston

Do not go overboard

We can understand how important it is for you to look your best on your special day. You may love that amazing diamond necklace you saw at the jeweler’s, but would it look good on your highly embroidered wedding gown? This could look over-the-top and gaudy. What you can do instead is to wear minimalistic drop earrings for a pretty look.

If you are opting for a minimalistic gown, then yes, a diamond necklace would look amazing. It would literally help you shine like a star. Add to that your wedding band and engagement ring, and you are good to go. Remember you need to buy a wedding band that matches your wedding gown (or the other way around).

Choose your jewelry based on your dress fabric

If you do not choose the right metal for your wedding gown, you risk looking odd and out of place. If you opt for a white wedding gown, platinum or silver diamond jewelry would look amazing, while gold would look amazing on ivory wedding dresses.

Those who opt for pinkish wedding dresses can choose rose gold diamond jewelry pieces. If you have an exquisite diamond jewelry set, you can opt for a highly embroidered wedding dress.

Choose jewelry based on the neckline of the dress

You have to decide which necklace to wear based on the neckline of your wedding dress. If you opt for a strapless gown or a sweetheart neckline, you can wear a choker or a short necklace.

For those opting for an ornate neckline, a chandelier earring set with fresh flowers in your hair can look elegant and classy. To complete the look, you can wear a small bracelet, cocktail ring, or a bangle.

Ensure your jewelry is highlighted

Your jewelry should highlight your wedding dress. For this, you have to choose a metal that matches the fabric as we talked about earlier. Too little jewelry and it might not be enough. Too much jewelry and you may be at the receiving end of nasty comments. 

If none of your jewelry pieces are matching with your gown, you can opt for custom jewelry. Take your wedding gown to the jeweler and choose from the various jewelry designs available. Alternatively, you could get the jeweler to design a necklace, earring, pendant, or bracelet in a suitable metal that matches your wedding gown fabric.

One thing to note though, you will have to visit the jeweler at least a month or two in advance for your custom jewelry to be ready.

Avoid adding too many colors

For your wedding dress, adding too many colored gemstone-laden jewelry pieces is not advisable. Instead, single or bi-colored diamond jewelry is what will make the most difference.

You can opt for pearls, rubies, sapphires, or diamonds to highlight your jewelry. It is advisable to select a gemstone that will go with the color of the gown. This will add a sort of ‘finishing touch’ to your wedding attire.

Avoid adding too many metals together

Too many metals can spoil the entire look of your wedding dress. At the most, you can use two metals in your wedding dress. Metal that matches your wedding dress is always preferred.

Wrapping up

Your wedding day comes once in a lifetime. In your eagerness to dress your best, do not go overboard. Look your best with attractive jewelry that looks amazing on you. There will be free advice from various quarters, it is best to go with your gut and choose a designer gown with jewelry that matches your personality.