How To Boost Your Curb Appeal On A Budget

How To Boost Your Curb Appeal On A Budget

How To Boost Your Curb Appeal On A Budget

Image Credit: Pixabay

Standards for residential properties are changing. Just look at the shift in construction trends over the past few years. With more focus now on sustainability, health and safety, and technological advancements, people on the hunt for a new property have the option of investing in better homes more easily.

Still, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have the money to bring your home completely into the future. It is still very much possible to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers if you’re working with a relatively tight budget. Here are five tips that will help you do just that.  

1. Scrub up

It might be wrong to judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t stop people from automatically forming first impressions. As a result, your property will likely be judged immediately based on its outside appearance, regardless of how well-designed and tidy it might be on the inside.

So, make the best first impression possible by ensuring the exterior of your house is as clean as a whistle. To do so, grab your bucket and some sponges for your windows, doors, walls, and a power washer for walkways and driveways.  

 If you don’t have time to do such a big clean-up job yourself, you can always consider calling in a professional. This will, of course, cost you more money. But, at an average of between £12-20 an hour, you might just find that it’s worth it. 

2. Repaint

 Old, flaking paintwork tends to look scruffy, while old-fashioned colors can put potential buyers off. However, repainting a whole house is a big (and expensive) task. So instead, why not take a paintbrush to your front door and window sills? You could turn them into features that draw the eye for all the right reasons.   

Whether you opt for a statement color or a classic black or white, a fresh coat of quality paint can go a long way in improving curb appeal. 

3. Update old fixtures  

If you’re updating your doorway, it might also be worth taking out old, rusty, or otherwise unattractive hardware and replacing it with something more visually appealing. It doesn’t have to cost too much, either. You should be able to find great options that go with your home at any large hardware store.

Look for a sleek front door handle, an eye-catching knocker, and maybe invest in a number plaque, too, making sure all three of your new fixtures match. Then, keep an eye out for other add-ons that could do with a touch-up, such as battered outdoor furniture and chipped flower pots.    

4. Light it up 

It’s no secret that lighting is important in any room of the house. But, what is less widely known is the transformative effect well-designed, layered outdoor lighting can have on the exterior of your home. 

There are a few different ways of going about lighting up an outside space. Try attracting attention to appealing features in your garden with delicate accent lighting. Or, introduce larger light fittings to an outdoor seating area to add a sense of atmosphere and charm. 

With the right approach to lighting, you can also improve practicality, which is also appealing to buyers. Do so by adding lighting up and down the driveway or installing a security light outside your front door. 

5. Get gardening 

Good landscaping on your front lawn could add up to 20% of your home's value. And, the good news is that you don’t need to overhaul the structure of your garden to do it.


If you don’t have the money to redesign your garden completely, consider making smaller cosmetic changes. Well-tended flower beds, tasteful ornaments, and perfectly manicured grass can all make a great deal of difference to your property’s curb appeal. You could also consider planting trees and shrubs to ensure maximum impact.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to go about boosting the curb appeal of your home without having to break the bank. And, remember, a little can go a long way. With a shiny new façade, updated fixtures, and eye-catching hardware and garden features, you could stand to add significant value to your property.