How To Bless Your Home With Beautiful Design

How To Bless Your Home With Beautiful Design

How To Bless Your Home With Beautiful Design

We all have different priorities when it comes to taking care of our homes. From loading the dishwasher to going grocery shopping, everyone has their own way of getting things done around the house. While style is subjective, we all constantly search for ways in which we can improve the different aspects of our homes. One way to ensure that our homes are as positive, comfortable, and safe as they can be is by incorporating blessed design elements. Our homes are blessings, and protecting them from potential danger is our duty. Read through our article to find out how you can bless your home with beautiful design. 

Remove Harmful Things

The first step that you should take to achieve a safer home is to get rid of anything that may have dark roots. This includes artwork, movies, video games, clothing, books, and posters. This can be a challenging step to take, especially since it’s not easy to identify potentially harmful items. If you need to, you can ask the Holy Spirit and pray for guidance. Removing obstructive elements will immediately make you feel like your home’s appearance has changed. It will also change the way that you perceive your home and your feelings toward it; it is the key to attracting positivity into your home. This step is necessary to affirm that you are not allowing any evil to enter your home. 

Wall Art

There is no better way to bless your home than by hanging God’s words on your walls. Every time you take a look at the piece, your soul will be replenished with faith, your heart will fill up with joy, love, and warmth, and your eyes will be in awe. Constantly seeing the 10 Commandments will remind you to surrender to God’s will. You will be compelled to do good and pray for God’s guidance and forgiveness. You will be reminded to be thankful for even the smallest things in life and will feel prompted to ask the Lord for all that you wish for. Nothing is more powerful than the words that were written by the creator himself. 

Natural Light

If you are remodeling your home, make sure to include more windows in your plan. Allowing natural light and air to enter your home can improve your mood and promote positive energy. Sunlight comes with endless benefits; it is a blessing that we should always make the best use of. When we make it a point to breathe God’s fresh air and benefit from his sunlight, this can be a way of expressing gratitude and appreciation. If you want, you can place a cross design window film or install beautiful, colorful stained glass on your windows. 

If you're worried that the size of your window is going to affect airflow too much, even when it's closed, you should know that there are solutions for that as well. Homeowners nowadays like to get UPVC double-glazed windows that can be tilted open, even during the rainy season. It has become a popular choice because it's not only effective in keeping out rainwater and wind, but also promotes energy efficiency by retaining heat inside and reducing noise pollution from outside. With UPVC double-glazed windows, you can enjoy natural light and fresh air without worrying about any potential harm to your home.

Color Symbolism

Around the 4th century, the use of color symbolism to differentiate between the different liturgical seasons became a very popular practice in the Western church. The implementation of different colors varied greatly at first. Though, it wasn’t long before Pope Innocent III introduced a system that included 5 colors: red, black, white, green, and violent. During the Reformation, with the rise of the Lutheran and Anglican churches, this practice was completely eliminated. However, when the ecumenical Liturgical Movement came to life in the 20th century, the ancient Christian ritual along with its distinct colors was rediscovered. Blue and gold were since added to the tradition, as well. The idea behind the use of color to highlight your faith is that each shade expresses a specific emotion and ideas matched with each liturgical season. For instance, violet represents Christ’s sovereignty and repentance from sin, gold, and white symbolize the day’s brightness. Red is associated with Christ’s death and martyrs and is also linked to the Holy Spirit since it’s the color of fire. Green represents growth, and blue is associated with the sky. There are more colors, like yellow, orange, and brown associated with Christianity that you can read up on. You can integrate the colors that resonate with you the most into different elements of your home.  

Design, as a concept, comes with great power and beauty; it gives you the opportunity to create a home that caters to your needs. You can use this to your advantage by remodeling your home in a way that strengthens your faith and connection to God. Whether you decide to install stained glass and hang up religious works of art or use colors that are associated with strong religious concepts, there are several things you can do to emphasize your faith. These small but helpful tips will help you bless your home, attract positivity, and drive the evil away.