How to Affect the Change in Zero-Waste World

How to Affect the Change in Zero-Waste World

How to Affect Change in Zero-Waste World

Affecting change may not be a stroll in the park, but it’s not rocket science either! In fact, anyone can do it. All you need is some motivation, determination, and consistency.

So, here are some great ways we can affect change in a zero-waste world.

Switch off lights and unplug appliances that are not in use.

Power plants emit pollution that is harmful to our health and the environment. The simple act of switching off lights before leaving the room doesn’t just help lower electricity bills. It also cuts down carbon emissions. 

In addition, appliances and electronic devices that are not in use but remain plugged in also consume energy. Even worse, they continue to consume the same amount of electricity even when turned off.

To conserve energy and the resources required to generate and distribute it, let’s simply switch off and unplug items that are not in use.

Turn off the tap and repair leaks.

Sometimes, it's just so convenient to leave the tap running while washing our hands, brushing our teeth, or even taking a shower. But did you know that doing so can waste about 6 liters of water per minute? Now that’s a lot, considering many people do not even have access to water supply.

It's important to remember that while water is an essential resource, the reality is that the earth has a limited supply of it. To do our part in helping the environment, simply turn off the tap when not in use. Check your home as well for any leaks and have them repaired.

We can also consider replacing old fixtures with water-efficient ones like Grohe’s high-quality bathroom faucets and Pfister’s innovative showerheads.. These use less water but perform just the same (or even better) than old fixtures.

Use reusable water bottles and coffee cups.

Who doesn’t love purchasing water in plastic bottles and coffee in disposable cups? They make drinking much more convenient especially when we are on the go. After we consume them, we can simply toss them in the trash and get on with our day.

Sadly, these disposable bottles and cups have been destroying our planet for so many years now! To be specific, the world consumes 16 billion single-use coffee cups every year, and 481 billion disposable water bottles every year. And most of these end up filling landfills and polluting the oceans. 

Let us do our part by simply switching to reusables like Nalgene’s “50 percent recycled content” water bottle and KeepCup Brew Cork’s phthalate, BPA, and BPS-free coffee cups. Not only will we save the environment, but we will also save our bodies from the harmful chemicals that come with disposable products.

Swap single-use plastic bags for reusable bags.

Plastic bags are yet another product the world finds so convenient to use. They are cheap, too! Unfortunately, these are more harmful to the planet than we would like to think. 

Plastic bags actually take a lot of time and resources to produce, only for consumers to dispose of in less than 5 minutes. And where do these end up? They sit in landfills, pollute the streets, or swim in the seas for a thousand years!

That’s because plastic takes that long to degrade. And while they degrade, they release greenhouse gases and get eaten up by animals. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at UC Davis discovered that 25% of fish for sale at California markets have plastic in their stomachs.

So let us help put an end to this by swapping single-use plastic bags for reusable ones like ChicoBag’s minimalist tote bags and Baggu’s large and stylish bags. Not only are these great for the environment, but they should also last us for years.

Plan Your Meals

If you have never tried to plan your meals, now is the perfect time. It’s a great way to save energy, time, and a lot of money. It also keeps food from going to waste, since it has been reported that the world throws away 1.3 billion tons of edible food per year. 

Unfortunately, food waste ends up rotting in landfills, which then heavily contributes to the production of greenhouse gas, specifically methane. So, let’s avoid wasting food by planning our meals on a weekly or monthly basis. We can also use meal-planning apps like Mealime, Paprika, and Plan to Eat to help us stay on track.

Switch to Reusable Skincare Essentials 

Our disposable skincare essentials are among our most used products in our lives. At the least, we use them once a day. Unfortunately, they pose a great threat to the planet just like disposable bottles and cups.

Single-use cotton rounds and wipes actually take hundreds of years to degrade. And since they are small in size, they easily find their way to the ocean and put marine life in danger. Sea animals end up ingesting them too and dying.

So, let us make a difference in the world by switching to reusable skincare essentials like LastObject’s reusable facial rounds and Cheeky Wipes’ reusable wipes. These will help save the environment, our skin, and our wallet!

There are more ways you can effect change in a zero-waste world. You can even get creative and come up with your own! As long as it’s creating change for the better, then that’s all that matters.

So, are you ready to help change the planet?