How Calm Your Dog Down When You’re Getting A Delivery

How Calm Your Dog Down When You’re Getting A Delivery

How To Calm Your Dog Down When You're Getting A Delivery

If you're like most pet owners, you probably hate having your dog wait in the midst of a delivery. You may have tried distracting them with treats or giving them extra attention, but this doesn't seem to work for long. Did you know that your dog can sense when the postman is at your door? It's true! Dogs are very sensitive and they can tell when something is out of place or different. Here are some tips on how to calm them down when you are getting a delivery.

1. Block The View

When you're getting ready to get a delivery, take your pup and close the door behind you. Calmly tell them that you need to go answer the door for a second, then head out of the room and leave their favorite treat or toy in the room. This will stop your dog from anxiously waiting by your side while you sign up for deliveries and put it somewhere else so it won't be able to sniff it out. You could also tactfully explain what is happening without scaring them too much.

2. Give Them Attention 

When you're in a room with your dog, make sure they are getting extra love and some treats so that they’ll  feel more comfortable when the postman arrives. Reassure your dog when the delivery person leaves. Tell them that everything is okay and grab their favorite treat or toy to play with while you are at the door. When the delivery person leaves, make sure to give your pet a lot of attention and love. To further help them relax, block out any noise from outside, crank up the TV or music, or turn on a fan. Your pup should feel safe in their home and not scared of the delivery person's loud footsteps!

3. Distract With Treats

When your delivery person comes up to the door, bring over some of your pups’ favorite treats or play fetch with them in another room so they can't see what's happening. According to the witty article on iloveparcel.com, "dogs view the arrival of the post as the supreme entertainment of the day" and this is why pets love external post boxes as much as they love postmen. Remember, dogs are very sensitive, and too much noise could scare them. Giving your dog lots of attention before and after the delivery person leaves can help your pet adjust to its surroundings. You can also get them dressed up in a item of clothing to help distract them. 

4. Tire Them Out

Play with your pup so that it gets tired out and falls asleep while you're waiting for the delivery person. When faced with a restless pet, distract them by getting up and playing with them like usual. If you have a puppy, give them some toys to chew on and play fetch with them until they tire out. You can also bring a blanket they like into another room and let them stay there so that they will be distracted while you get the package. By being lavished with attention from you, they'll feel less scared of the new sounds and surroundings.

5. Be Watchful

Once you're done taking delivery of the package, pay attention to your dog's behavior. Are they frightened? Keep an eye on how your pup reacts when they come home, if they are still nervous, make sure to give them more love and reassurance. Calmly reassure them that everything is okay and then give them a nice treat or toy. If possible, block out any noise coming from outside so that it will not scare your pet too much! Make sure that you give plenty of love after the delivery person leaves so that your pet has time to relax in their territory as soon as they get back inside.

6. Calm Your Pup Down Before and After the Delivery Is Done

If all of these steps still do not work, try giving them a calming treat or toy that will keep their mind off of what's going on. To prepare for it, we suggest talking to other pet owners about how their animals react in these situations! Remember that dogs are sensitive. Talk to others about what can be done if your dog keeps getting scared by deliveries when you are away from home! 

There are many ways to make the process easier on your pup and yourself, but you must take all precautions necessary. You could also turn on some music, TV, or a fan in another room to block out any noise so that they do not get scared. Be watchful! If all of these steps still do not work, try giving them a calming treat or toy that will keep their mind off of what's going on. Your pet is counting on you!